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Your Snoring Partner: Love 'em or Leave 'em?

  • 6 min read
A tense couple sits on their bed, facing away from each other
For too many couples, the sleep loss caused by a partner who snores is a deal-breaker.

I’m guessing you’re here because your partner snores and you're losing sleep? If you’ve become cranky, resentful and ill-tempered… if your pleas for them to “deal with it” have fallen on deaf ears and you don’t know how much longer you can stand it… you may feel like it’s the end of the road.

You are not alone. Millions of us are losing sleep due to a snoring significant otherand it hurts our relationships because it damages our health, and strains our emotional limits. Obviously, something has to change. So… what will You decide to do about your partner's snoring? Love ‘em—which is an ongoing challenge? Or leave ‘em?

The snoring ultimatum

An ultimatum may seem the way to go when we’re frustrated, but it’s also serious business. It has umm…  consequences… and those make us nervous. But sleep is serious business as well. With sleep loss at epidemic highs, it has never been more so. Sleep simply has to be taken more seriously.

It’s no wonder partners of snorers sometimes walk away when faced with this dilemma. Our bodies’ perpetual need for quality sleep will continue to force us into survival mode. Something’s gotta give and too often, it’s the relationship. Fact is, it’s impossible to function without sleep—but is a broken union the only option? Thankfully, it is not.

Before you decide to cut and run, let's explore your Snoring Partner dilemma and options:

  • Why Snoring Affects Your Sleep & Health
  • Fight or Flight?
  • How to Talk to Your Significant Other
  • The Benefits of Sleeping with a Partner
  • 2 Different Stories—2 Different Outcomes
  • Sleeping Well with A Partner Who Snores

Being able to share a bed with a snoring person may seem impossible, but it’s not. Despite your current frustration, the answer to fixing your sleep situationis actually simple. But first, let’s talk about why you must get it fixed

Millions of us are losing sleep at night due to a snoring spouse or significant other... and it makes it impossible to function.

A woman asleep at her desk during her workday, hands on laptop keyboard

Why Snoring Affects Your Sleep and Health

Quality sleep is crucial to good health, and maintaining a regular sleep cycle—free of disruptions, is the only way you’re going to get the rejuvenating sleep you need. Interrupted sleep has a devastating impact on overall wellness. Many sleep-related health issues are caused by constantly disrupted sleep. In addition to chronic fatigue, these include compromised cognition, mood disorders, diabetes, heart disease and depression.  

Constant disruptions to normal sleep cycles is so damaging, the Journal of Sleep Medicine has declared it to be as physically detrimental as getting no sleep at all.

The sound of snoring is sudden and startling… it shreds your nerves. Snoring falls under the category of “impulsive noise,” and it doesn’t just jar you awake—it prevents you from going back to sleep—or sometimes from falling asleep in the first place. Removing snoring from the equation is the only way to deal with your problem. And for the sake of your health, you need to do it now.

Fight or Flight?

This isn’t what you signed up for, right? Like Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin, you joined up— but you joined a different outfit… Goldie expected ”the Army with the condos, and the private rooms…” In your case, you expected togetherness–not private rooms and a strained relationship.

And yet here you are, having to fight for your sleep, or flee... when, like Benjamin, you just “want everything normal again.” So, what’s it gonna be? Will you choose to fight—or call it quits?

A  couple sits at foot of bed, side-by-side, hands entwined, talking

Talk compassionately with your significant other. Working together on issues helps rebuild closeness in your relationship.

How to Talk with Your Snoring Partner

Unless you’re planning to just slip off permanently into the night, it’s time for a talk with your partner. According to marriage.com, it’s up to you and you need to begin the conversation in a non-provocative way. If it’s any help, snorers are often oblivious to how their snoring affects you—and sometimes are unaware they snore at all.  Point out, as compassionately as you can, that the snoring is a serious problem and must be resolved… because:

  1. Neither of you is getting quality sleep, which is unhealthy for you both
  2. Losing sleep is threatening the closeness in your relationship

Work together to Keep it Together

Snoring is a symptom of an unhealthy sleep pattern which may be the result of a serious health condition. If your partner is snoring, you are both sleep deprived.  Encourage your snoring partner to get to the root of the problem so they’re getting healthy sleep as well.

Seeing a doctor or sleep specialist will help them know which steps to take. Sometimes results are seen quickly… and sometimes it’s more of a process. Either way, be sure to show appreciation for efforts made by your partner to address the snoring problem. A spirit of cooperation helps ease tension, and working together on issues can help re-build closeness in your relationship.

The Benefits of Sleeping with a Partner

Psychology Today recently reported that sleeping with a romantic partner leads to an overall better quality of sleep. Additional results showed decreased anxiety, stress, and depression, as well as greater satisfaction with the relationship and life in general.

According to psychiatrist Brandon Fuentes from the University of Arizona, sleeping with your partner may have additional health benefits including reduced risk of sleep apnea, and less severe insomnia symptoms. As to mental health benefits, he says it is unclear whether they’re due to co-sleeping or the quality of the romantic relationship-suggesting it may be a bit of both.

Two Different Stories—Two Different Outcomes

I often peruse our archive of “Sleep Stories,” and the common thread among many goes beyond people being happy to finally get their sleep… So many men and women write to tell us how happy they are to be back in the same bed with their partners! 

"I would recommend your product for anyone suffering from a 'snore-beast.' It's literally saved our marriage. You guys are the best!" - Daniel

A happy couple, smiling and playful after a good night's sleep

Happy Sleeper LeAnne...

LeAnne, a young wife and mother with a busy schedule and stressful job is one of those success stories. After years of searching for a solution to her husband’s snoring, the pair are no longer in separate beds and she doesn’t hear the snoring anymore. 

No more exhaustion and frustration. LeAnne simply sleeps right through the snoring and gets her full 8- hours—every night. It’s that easy.

Un-Happy Sleeper Joe

“Joe” is not from our Happy Sleeper files, but someone we happened to meet. Joe was married to a woman who snored like a freight train. He moved to another room to sleep… a smaller, less comfortable room—he resented that. And, her snoring still kept him awake.

Sadly, the marriage didn’t survive his wife’s snoring. Though Joe had remarried, he was still not sleeping well—why?  His new wife has started snoring. We were pleased we could offer a solution to his snoring problem.

Sleeping Well with Your Partner's Snoring

If you’re asking yourself what’s more important—your sleep or your relationship—we have good news… you don’t have to choose.

Nor do you need to solve your partner’s snoring to sleep in the same bed—you just need to block out the snoring noise. Thanks to superior noise-masking technology, LeAnne and thousands of other customers are back in the same bed with their partners—getting great sleep, night after night.

Our noise masking earbuds replace the sound of snoring with a calming pink noise that lulls you to sleep. SoundOff users don’t hear the snoring at all.

snoring remedies
You don't need to choose between your partner and your sleep--you just need to block out the snoring noise.

Why leave 'em when you can sleep through the snoring?

 A few things to keep in mind…

  • Moving to a separate bed is a lot like leaving—it creates emotional separation.
  • Co-sleeping is associated with better quality sleep and health
  • Couples who sleep together have a better outlook on life and feel better about the relationship
  • Joe’s new wife snores

Your Snoring Solutions

We help people sleep and are delighted to hear so many reports that our earbuds are helping keep couples together. Snoring causes regular friction in 18 percent of relationships; with 30% of adults vacating the communal bed to sleep in separate rooms from their partners.

It may sound like just a “story” but for all too many couples, snoring—and the sleep loss it causes— really is a deal-breaker. 

Block the snoring with SoundOff and get better sleep WITH your partner!

Until next time…