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SoundOff Noise Masking Earbuds

What’s keeping you awake? Whether it’s a snoring partner, noisy neighbors or city noise, SoundOff will mask it with our soothing Pink Noise. The sleep disrupting sound is simply gone!

Many studies have shown pink noise relaxes the brain and can help you sleep.

With SoundOff you'll sleep all night, every night.

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Thank you for changing my life and giving me my sleep back.
─ Roxy B.

Noise Masking Explained…

Pink Noise

Pink noise is a steady, even sound that filters out obtrusive noises. Its’ deeper tones provide a gentle auditory experience that calms the brain. Because this sound emulates tones we find pleasant in nature (rustling leaves or a light rain), it helps us fall asleep quicker and sleep better throughout the night.

Superior Comfort, Fit and Performance

Soft memory foam tips create a form-fitted seal using your body heat to gently block out any disturbing sounds.

Fits the ergonomics of the ear

Rest assured these snug-fitting, noise-eliminating earbuds will stay securely in place all night long—even if you toss and turn, or sleep on your side.

On/Off Volume Settings

Just went on a trip to New York City with the family and these earbuds blocked out every bit of city noise and my husband's snoring!
─ Lynn G.

Active & Passive Noise Masking Technology

Active   Noise Masking:

Active Noise Masking is the sound you listen to so you don't hear other sounds.

With SoundOff, you hear our soothing Pink Noise. Not only does Pink Noise relax the brain, many psychologists and Neuro-Field specialists currently use Pink Noise to treat sleep disorders and brain-based conditions such as anxiety, depression and poor memory.

Passive   Noise Masking:

Passive Noise Masking is something you put in or over your ear to block sounds.

The Memory Foam Tips are the Passive Noise Masking with SoundOff. These tips use your body heat to perfectly form to your ear and prevent snoring or other sounds from coming in around the earbud.

They are super soft and comfortable.

This product works! It drowns out all the noise. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
─ Cassandra G

Why we chose Noise Masking…
Noise Masking vs Noise Cancelling, what’s the difference?

Noise Masking covers up or masks unwanted sounds with a pleasant sound so you hear the pleasant sound and not the unwanted sound; with SoundOff you hear soothing Pink Noise. Noise Cancelling uses technology to cancel out a sound. The problem is Noise Cancelling does not cancel ALL sound; you still hear the annoying sound, it's just not as loud.

Proprietary Pink Noise Technology

At SoundOff, we've taken Pink Noise to a whole new level of excellence and effectiveness. We've Created a proprietary and specially designed Pink Noise. Developed by a PhD in psycho-acoustics to specifically mask snoring, he took out some higher tones and added in some lower tones… the result? Our proprietary pink noise not only effectively masks snoring, it masks just about any noise disrupting your sleep.

Clinically Proven to Improve Sleep Quality

Many academic studies on sleep stability show how Pink Noise interacts with the brain to promote deeper sleep. Results from one study published by the National Library of Medicine found that pink Noise does, in fact, have a significant effect on reducing brain wave complexities, which induces more stable sleep time - and consistently improves overall sleep quality.

Get SoundOff and get your sleep back!

Make Sleep A Priority!

Quality sleep is essential to live our best life. Get the sleep you need and enjoy life more!

Can't Sleep?

Sleep deprivation is at epidemic proportions. 1 out of 3 adults do not get adequate sleep.

Chronic sleep loss complicates relationships, impedes work performance, and generally damages our overall quality of life.

Make Sleep a priority!

Better Sleep, Better Health:

  • Boost your Immune System
  • Strengthen Your Heart
  • Improve Memory
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce anxiety/ improve mood
  • Enjoy Life More!

Our Customers Love SoundOff Because it Works!

Jayne C

"I slept 10 hours the first night."

Adam M

”Amazing Product”

Lara W

“I Love Them”

Sheena T

”I'm so grateful”

Peace and Quiet On Demand

  • Active & Passive Noise Masking
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  • Soft Flexible Ear Hoop
  • Super Comfortable
  • 8 Volume Settings
  • No App/Easy to Use/Travel Friendly

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