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"Best for Snoring" ~ Sleep Foundation

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What is Pink Noise Anyway?

As with the colors of light, each of the colors in the noise frequency spectrum is distinctly different and lends its unique properties to specific functions. In the case of sleep, colored noise is often used to tune out background noise (think noisy neighbors or city noise).

It is also used to tune out “not so background" noise such as a snoring partner or neighbors that party like it's New Years Eve every weekend.

With Pink Noise in particular, it is also used to promote deep sleep. Pink Noise is a steady sound that filters out distracting or obtrusive noises. Similar to the more familiar White Noise, Pink Noise employs deeper tones and lower soundwaves which produce a soothing, more relaxing sound than White Noise.

The color of noise is determined by the energy of the sound signal. Specifically, it depends on how energy is distributed over various frequencies - or the speed of sound. White Noise consists of all frequencies we can hear, each at an equal energy level.

Pink Noise also consists of all frequencies we can hear, but the energy isn’t equally distributed across them; it's more intense at lower frequencies, which creates a deeper, more pleasant sound. It's no wonder Pink Noise is all the rage these days. Many, many people have discovered how Pink Noise helps them relax and get the sleep they so desperately need.

Pink Noise in Nature

Nature is full of Pink Noise, including leaves rustling in trees, steady soft rain or a light breeze, to name just a few.

To the human ear, Pink Noise sounds even, and because it has the same tones in nature that we find pleasant, many people find Pink Noise very relaxing as well.

In fact, customers often tell us they would still use SoundOff's Pink Noise to fall asleep even if their partner stopped snoring tomorrow. Yes, many people have purchased SoundOff to drown out their partner's snoring and are now getting the best sleep of their life!

Our Proprietary Pink Noise

SoundOff has developed a proprietary and specially designed Pink Noise. It is a modified, or shaped, Pink Noise, developed by a PhD in psychoacoustics. How did he do it?

Because SoundOff was invented to mask snoring, he went into his sound studio, found a bunch of snoring sounds on YouTube and played them at the same time. While all this snoring was playing he went to work to modify the Pink Noise to mask the snoring more effectively.

Some of the higher tones were decreased and some of the lower tones were increased. This shaped sound masks snoring and other sleep disrupting noises very effectively.

Our Pink Noise with the Comply foam tips make the SoundOff Noise Masking device superior to any other noise masking technology/devices currently available.

With SoundOff you can finally get the comfortable nights’ sleep you need and deserve.

Here’s how listening to Pink Noise helps you fall asleep and stay asleep:

  • Pink Noise has a calming effect on the brain. This helps a person relax and unwind so they can fall asleep.
  • Pink Noise masks disruptive background sounds which reduces the likelihood of waking up during the night.
  • Pink Noise aids in stabilizing sleep patterns ~ helping one fall asleep and stay asleep ~ for more continuous and restorative sleep.
  • The balanced spectrum of Pink Noise has additionally been reported to promote longer periods of slow-wave or deep sleep. This is crucial for consolidation of memory as well as overall cognitive function.

In short, the consistent tones of Pink Noise mask out disruptive environmental sounds. So, you don't hear your snoring partner, banging hotel doors, barking dogs, or other annoying sounds. With Pink Noise it's easy to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Studies on Pink Noise

A number of academic studies conducted on nocturnal sleep stability zero in on the effects of Pink Noise and how it interacts with the brain to promote sleep.

A study published in the Journal of Theoretical Biology found that steady Pink Noise reduces brain waves which increases stable sleep.

Studies by Northwestern University and Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, both found that exposure to Pink Noise during sleep led to an increase in deep sleep which is associated with physical restoration and memory consolidation.

Results from another study published by the (NIH) National Library of Medicine (Pink noise: effect on complexity synchronization of brain activity and sleep consolidation) yielded a synopsis based on 40 subjects; each observed over two consecutive periods ~ one with pink noise exposure, and one without.

They began with the hypothesis that steady pink noise can change the complexity of brain activities and could have a significant effect on improving sleep stability.

The Science Behind Pink Noise for Sleep

The NIH study then concluded that steady pink noise does, in fact, have a significant effect on reducing brain wave complexity which results in more stable sleep time-and by doing so, thereby improves sleep quality.

Subsequent studies also showed an improvement in sleep quality with Pink Noise.

Researchers reported participants found it easier to fall asleep, slept deeper, and reported feeling more rested upon waking.

In her blog post "Pink Noise for Better Sleep, Memory, and More,” Harvard & Yale trained psychiatrist, Suruchi Chandra, MD, delves deeper into the science behind the extensive benefits of pink noise for sleep, cognition, and overall well-being.

Here, Doctor Chandra explains why emerging research on Pink Noise is more promising than White Noise when it comes to brain health:

  1.  It can sound more soothing and be more calming for the nervous system.
  2.  Our brain cells communicate through brain waves that follow a pattern similar to Pink Noise. And because pink noise can match our brain wave patterns, it may be more stabilizing for the brain.
  3. As our brains age, they produce more white noise and less pink noise. In other words, pink noise may be associated with younger and healthier brains.

She further states....

"During sleep, our brains produce slower brain waves that allow the body and brain to enter a state of rest and restoration. There are fewer of the faster brain waves that occur during periods of focus and concentration..."

Doctor Chandra’s findings indicate that:

  • Pink noise appears to amplify the power of the slower brain waves during deep sleep.
  • And, when administered at night, it may help people fall asleep faster and get deeper, less fragmented sleep.

Learn more about Pink Noise and the Brain by visiting Dr. Chandra’s blog (see link below.)

Find Calm and Focus with Pink Noise

While our earbuds were invented to help people sleep, we've been delighted to learn many of our customers have found extended benefits in other areas of their lives.

From helping them increase focus in noisy work environments and dorm rooms -- to relieving stress caused by hearing conditions like misophonia and tinnitus... to just relaxing and decompressing at the end of a busy day.

Studies on Pink Noise confirm its ability to promote both relaxation and better focus-in addition to helping you get an awesome nights’ sleep.

This has been particularly noted in the area of ADHD treatment, where research indicates, Pink Noise can help improve concentration and reduce hyperactivity levels.

A study published in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology discovered improved cognitive performance and attention span with attention dificits when exposed to Pink Noise.

Get More Done with Pink Noise

Beyond its use as a focus aid, researchers found Pink Noise is also effective for boosting motivation and increasing productivity. For example:

  • Workers can easily get overwhelmed with multiple tasks. Listening to Pink Noise while working can help them stay focused and ultimately increase productivity.
  • Distractions from a noisy work environment can also impede productivity. Listening to Pink Noise to mask/block office noise or outside noise can also help to keep concentration at its optimum.
  • The ambient sounds of Pink Noise help initiate creativity. Listening to Pink Noise is an ideal productivity booster for workers in fields where creativity is a key job component.
  • Employees may return to work lethargic and lacking focus after a big lunch. Listening to Pink Noise can help boost motivation and power them through the rest of their day.

The bottom line is Pink Noise can be a very effective tool to help increase productivity while working, It can also help college students stay focused and retain more while studying as well as during exams.

Studies have demonstrated that Pink Noise can enhance creative thinking, problem-solving abilities, and memory retention. By creating a calm and harmonious auditory environment, individuals can enter a state of flow and achieve peak performance.

Meanwhile, there's been a surge in therapeutic application across a broad spectrum of medical professionals for a range of conditions

A number of psychologists and Neuro-Field specialists currently use Pink Noise to treat sleep disorders like Insomnia as well as brain-based conditions such as anxiety, depression and brain fog. Typically, sleep disorders are characterized by a deficiency in slow brainwaves (such as delta and theta). These slower brainwaves help put you to sleep and keep you asleep.

Without getting this rejuvenating reparation during sleep, one begins to experience problems with attention and concentration, memory, relationships, work performance and poor mood.

The stabilizing effect of Pink Noise on brainwaves enables the vital, consistent sleep one needs to function better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Many Sleep Specialists, such as those at the worldwide Neurofield Treatment Center Network are finding success by addressing sleep and brain-based conditions with fewer medications and more of the sound and brain stimulation therapies-including Pink Noise.

Pink Noise Earbuds

The choice to use Pink Noise in SoundOff Noise Masking Earbuds has been rewarded with tremendously positive feedback. Customers frequently mention our Pink Noise specifically when telling us about their SoundOff experience.

One user in particular, calls it “Lullabye-esque.”

Whether you're seeking better sleep, improved focus, or simply a moment of serenity, the benefits of Pink Noise are vast.

Soothing, balanced, Pink Noise offers a wide range of benefits from enhancing sleep quality and improving focus--to boosting creativity and productivity--to reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

Learn more about the powerful sleep, health and productivity benefits of Pink Noise (see below for link).

Try our Pink Noise earbuds risk-free for 30 nights.

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