"Best for Snoring" ~ Sleep Foundation

"Best for Snoring" ~ Sleep Foundation

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What is Noise Masking?

Noise Masking is when you listen to one sound, so you don’t hear another sound. If you are trying to sleep, the sound you are listening to needs to be a soothing, relaxing sound so it helps you sleep rather than interrupting your sleep. With SoundOff you hear a soothing Pink Noise.

Unlike noise cancelling which reduces, but does not fully block out disturbing sounds, Noise Masking distracts your brain with the new, more pleasant sound (like Pink Noise). You no longer hear the disruptive sound. At all.

Active & Passive Noise Masking

There are two elements necessary for a truly effective Noise Masking device. The first part is the active part. This is the sound the device produces to mask, or make inaudible, unwanted noises disturbing one’s sleep.

The second element is the passive part; this is how the earpieces attenuate or block ambient sounds in the environment from getting into the ear in the first place.

Our specially designed Pink Noise is the “Active” noise masking part; the sound you hear in order to not hear the snoring, or the neighbors dog barking, or other sounds keeping you awake.

With SoundOff you hear our custom Pink Noise. Studies have shown Pink Noise relaxes the brain and can help you sleep.

soundoff proprietary pink noise masking
soundoff sleep earbuds with proprietary pink noise

Passive Noise Masking is what you put in or over your ear to block the sound from coming into your ear.

The SoundOff Earbuds and the Comfort Memory Foam Tips on the earbuds are the “Passive” Noise Masking part. These foam tips play an important role in making SoundOff very effective.

They use your body heat to form perfectly to your ear, so they help keep snoring and other noises from coming in around the earbud. They also help keep the earbuds snug in your ear. They are super soft and comfortable.

SoundOff earbuds are highly effective at noise masking, both actively and passively, and at much lower volumes than some other devices. This creates a very comfortable and unobtrusive experience for our users.

Noise & Sleep

Getting good, uninterrupted sleep is not a luxury, it’s essential for feeling good and performing at our absolute best. Without consistent restorative sleep, we fail to thrive.

Health experts say it is important to get seven to nine hours of sleep per night. To get the most out of those hours, it should be uninterrupted, quality sleep that allows your body to benefit from each of the four stages of sleep.

Studies show nocturnal noise fragments sleep, and results in redistribution of time spent in the different sleep stages.

It typically increases Wake and Stage 1 sleep, while decreasing time spent in slow wave and REM sleep--which ultimately reduces sleep quality.

Not getting enough deep sleep (slow wave & REM) can manifest the next day in noticeable ways; sleepiness, irritability, lack of concentration and poorer mental health are all associated with exposure to nighttime noise.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) says a third of US adults report that they usually get less than the recommended amount of sleep. Not getting enough sleep is also linked with many chronic diseases and conditions-- such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and depression.

soundoff not getting enough sleep
soundoff What noises disrupt sleep

What Noises Disrupt Sleep?

A snoring partner can prevent you from falling asleep. Sudden noises during the night, like a barking dog, a car horn or an airplane flying over your house can also wake you.

And, even if these sudden noises do not fully wake you, they can interrupt the deeper phases of sleep. This can result in waking up feeling like you didn’t get enough sleep; you’re just not rejuvenated, which makes it hard to get through your day.

Sleep Stages:

There are 4 sleep stages we cycle through while sleeping. Stages 1 & 2 are lighter stages, stage 3 is deep or slow wave sleep and stage 4 is rapid eye movement or REM. As noted above, sudden noises during sleep have been shown to increase stage 1 sleep and decrease slow-wave and REM sleep.

The first stage of the sleep cycle is a transition period between wakefulness and sleep. This short period of sleep lasts for around five to ten minutes.

The second stage lasts about 20 minutes per cycle and according to the American Sleep Foundation, people spend approximately 50% of their total sleep time in this stage

Stage 3 sleep, also known as delta sleep, is when deep, slow brain waves begin to emerge. Getting enough stage 3 sleep allows you to feel refreshed the next day. It is during this deep sleep stage that your body starts its physical repairs. Your brain also consolidates declarative memories. Things like general knowledge, facts, statistics, personal experiences, and other things you have learned.

Stage 4 sleep (REM) begins approximately 90 minutes after falling asleep.

soundoff sleep stages

Like stage 3, memory consolidation also happens during REM sleep. During deep sleep (stage 3 and REM), your cells repair and rebuild, and hormones are secreted to promote bone and muscle growth. Your body also uses deep sleep to strengthen your immunity so you can fight off illness and infection.

Sleep in Silence or Noise Masking:

We would all retreat to a silent bedroom if that were an option. However, noise exposure is a nightly reality for most. Cities are known for being full of noise, but rural places can have noise issues as well.

Whether it is pets inside the house, animals outside, a thunderstorm, or birds chirping too early in the morning for your liking, it all can interrupt sleep.

This is why Noise Masking is a great option for getting good, deep sleep.

With Noise Masking you don’t hear the sounds that would rob you of a good nights’ sleep--and leave you tired and moody the next day.

All sleep disturbing noises are simply gone and you can sleep uninterrupted all night.

best uninterrupted sleep with soundoff earbuds, Noise Masking

Take Charge of Your Sleep

Instead of tossing and turning while you listen to those bothersome noises, you can opt to hear a pleasant, relaxing, and consistent sound (like Pink Noise) that helps you get better, deeper sleep. Every night.

Try SoundOff risk-free for 30 nights and experience peaceful, rejuvenating sleep--You’ll love what you can’t hear!

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