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Here's How to Block Out Snoring Completely

Woman lying in bed wide awake and not happy

Roughly 90 million Americans suffer from snoring.

If you live with one of these people, you know that the statistic should read, "90 million Americans suffer from other people snoring".

No matter how much you love someone, it's hard to get past their earth-shaking, insomnia-causing nighttime breathing habits.

This is especially true when you are losing sleep over it. It's no longer a problem of preference but one that affects your mental and physical health.

Keep reading to find out more about the causes of this dilemma and how you can block out snoring completely for a better night's sleep.

Why Do We Snore?

Before discussing solutions, we first must understand why it's happening.

Snoring happens when air can't move through our passageways in a normal fashion. This causes nose and throat tissues to vibrate, resulting in the all-too-familiar sound of a freight train or sawing wood.

Why does this happen? There are a variety of causes, including:

  • Alcohol, smoking, and various medications
  • Age
  • Being overweight
  • Body build (i.e. the anatomy of a person's mouth, nose, and throat)
  • Nasal and sinus issues
  • Sleep position (i.e. sleeping on your back)

Additionally, snoring may be hereditary. Some people snore in any sleep position, even though they are healthy and don't partake in any substances or medication.

Severe snoring may lead to sleep apnea. Otherwise, it may result in sleep problems for the person sharing the bed with the snorer.

Why Does Sleeping with a Snoring Partner Keep Us Awake?

Regardless of whether you're a light or heavy sleeper, a snoring partner can cause you to lose Z's.

This is because noises as low as 40 decibels can keep us awake. Decibels (dB) are the measure of the loudness of sound.

For reference, 40 decibels is about the loudness of a quiet library. For some people, this is enough noise to cause sleep problems.

Unfortunately, the average loudness of snoring is around this level.

Even worse, snoring can be louder than 100 decibels.

The loudest snore ever recorded was 111.6 decibels, which is equivalent to a music concert or a car horn from a few feet away.

So, it's easy to see that an average or an above-average snorer can keep you from getting your night's rest.

How Can Snoring Affect Our Health?

If you're the snorer, it can affect your health because you aren't getting proper oxygen intake and may not be entering deeper levels of sleep.

If you're the "snoree", or person hearing the snoring, it can have a range of mental, physical, and relational effects.

Mentally, losing sleep from someone else snoring can cause brain fog, depression, fatigue, and irritability.

When you experience enough nights in a row without proper sleep, you may have physical reactions such as an increased risk of injury, a weakened immune system, and the onset of serious medical conditions like high blood pressure.

To put the icing on this nasty cake, you may also experience relationship problems with the person who is keeping you up all night. It's hard not to project your sleepy anger towards the person who is causing it.

How Can You Block Out Snoring Completely?

Losing sleep over someone else's snoring isn't going to cut it.

Luckily, there is a solution out there to prevent you from mental and physical health degradation.

To understand how the solution works, we have to give you a quick break down of how sound works in the ear.

How Sound Works

Instead of getting into the nitty-gritty about the anatomy of the ear, we'll instead talk about the three main components: the outer, middle, and inner ear.

The outer ear funnels low-pressure soundwaves through your middle ear and to your eardrum. This causes vibrations, which we register as sound.

This process is known as air conduction.

Many companies try to tackle the snoring-dilemma by offering white-noise machines. Unfortunately, these machines only offer another sound for your ears to process through air conduction.

They don't mask the snoring and they also don't address the fact that we hear sound in another way -- through our bones.

This process is known as bone conduction. Basically, sound waves bypass our outer ear and vibrate the middle and inner ear through our bones.

What this means is that you cannot block out snoring by simply wearing earplugs or noise-canceling headphones because your bones are still picking up sound.

In fact, earplugs alone can amplify the sounds that your bones are picking up. This is known as the occlusion effect and it explains why earplugs alone can't get the job done.

How to Block Out Snoring: Comprehensive Solutions for Peaceful Nights

Are you searching for effective methods to block out snoring? You're not alone. Approximately 50% of individuals experience snoring at some point, affecting not only their sleep but also that of their partners. Understanding how to sleep with someone who snores or how to stop snoring altogether is crucial for maintaining healthy relationships and ensuring overall well-being.

Two Primary Solutions to Block Out Snoring

  1. Use Snore Blocking Headphones: These headphones are specifically designed to block out the sound of snoring, providing a peaceful environment for sleep.
  2. Drown Out the Noise: Using other sounds to mask the snoring can be an effective strategy. This could involve white noise machines or soothing soundscapes.

Additional Tips for Managing Snoring

  • Wear Foam Earplugs: A simple and cost-effective solution for mild snoring.
  • White Noise Machines: These can help mask snoring sounds, though they require some adjustment.
  • Distracting Sounds: Nature sounds or music can also help in masking snoring.
  • Sleep in Another Room: A temporary measure for uninterrupted sleep.
  • Change Sleeping Positions: Encouraging the snorer to sleep on their side can reduce snoring.
  • Promote a Healthier Lifestyle: Weight management, reduced alcohol consumption, and quitting smoking can all contribute to less snoring.
  • Try Anti-Snoring Devices: Various gadgets like nasal strips or chin straps might offer relief.
  • Keep Bedroom Air Moist: Using a humidifier can ease snoring caused by dry air or allergies.

Relationship Dynamics and Snoring

It's important to address snoring sensitively in relationships. Open communication and trying out various solutions together can help alleviate the stress caused by snoring.

The Snore Blocking Solution You're Looking For

If you can't block snoring from earplugs alone, how can you do it?

The answer lies in a dual approach.

Our product, the SoundOffSleep Noise Masking Device, achieves this in two ways. It's called Active & Passive Noise Masking. Here's how it works...

1. The memory foam tips on the noise masking earbuds help block the sound of snoring from coming in around the earbud, so it doesn't go through air conduction in your ear. These foam tips actually form to your ear for a perfect fit.

The foam tips can't do the job alone, however. They are the Passive component and require the Active noise masking component for a completely effective noise masking solution.

2. The Active component is the noise masking sound. Noise masking technology uses soothing sounds to block out disruptive sounds you don't want to hear. Like barking dogs, clanging pipes, slamming doors... your snoring partner.

SoundOff Sleep earbuds use a custom-designed soothing Pink Noise specifically engineered to maskthe snoring sound that is picked up by your bones.

Pink Noise is an engineered sound similar to white noise but it's much more soothing and relaxing. It emulates nature sounds, has been shown to calm the brain, and actually helps people sleep better than they ever have.

This dual combination blocks snoring as much as earbuds can while also masking the sound of what they can't. The result? A good night's sleep.

block out snoring headphones

Fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and longer--and wake up refreshed with SoundOff snore-masking earbuds.

Rest Easy And Stay Asleep

Now that you know you can block out snoring completely, you can rest easy.

Order a pair of SoundOff Sleep Noise Masking Earbuds to improve your sleep, health, and wellbeing.