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9 Ways To Sleep With A Snorer

  • 4 min read

As any person with a partner who snores knows, getting a good night's rest can be next to impossible with loud snoring filling the room each night. If you have a partner who snores at night, it's difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep, particularly if your partners' snoring extra loud. A lack of sleep can affect every area of your life, so learning how to sleep with a snorer can benefit your relationship, your health, and your happiness.

Here are some ways to make someone stop snoring so that you can sleep with your partner that could improve the well-being of both of you.

1. Make Sure it Isn't Medical

Sleeping with someone who snores can be a frustrating experience. But begin with compassion for your partner and take the time to see if an underlying medical issue is to blame. Many snorers deal with a condition called sleep apnea; a breathing condition that often goes undiagnosed.

Any and all snoring is the result of some obstruction in the airway that causes loud vibrating noises. Sleep apnea occurs when the throat is so blocked that the sleeper actually stops breathing for at least 10 seconds. This condition can be treated with medical breathing machines, but a visit to the doctor has to take place first.

Enlarged tonsils and weight gain can also contribute to snoring problems, so if you're wondering how to sleep with a snorer, the first step is to make a visit to the doctor's office.

Your partner's doctor might recommend anything from weight loss to tonsil removal or the use of a CPAP machine to reduce sleep apnea symptoms.

2. Alter Sleeping Positions

Some people who snore will stop simply by switching up their sleeping position. Snoring is more likely to occur among those who sleep on their back, so if you sleep with a snorer, encourage them to switch to their stomach or their side.

This will reduce any nasal passage or throat obstruction. If you find that your partner is snoring loudly in the night, try to roll them gently onto their side.

3. How to Sleep With a Snorer? Discourage Night-Time Drinking

Drinking alcohol before bedtime can relax the muscles in the throat which can make snoring more likely. If your partner has a habit of winding down with a drink before bed, encourage them to avoid alcohol consumption for at least several hours before they hit the hay.

Ditching the night time drink can benefit you as well since alcohol consumption leads to less restorative sleep, and if you sleep with a snorer, you're probably already short on sleep to begin with.

4. Encourage Hydration

To keep snoring to a minimum, The National Sleep Foundation recommends staying well hydrated. A dry nasal passage and throat makes snoring more likely, so encourage your partner to stay well hydrated, especially at bedtime. Your partner can benefit by drinking a full glass of water before bed and keeping a glass of water by their bedside.

5. Try Nasal Strips

Nasal strips across the bridge of the nose help with snoring by opening up the nasal passage and making breathing easier. When your partner is better able to breathe, they'll be less likely to snore and both of you will sleep better as a result. Nasal strips are affordable and easy to wear, so it's worth a try!

6. Noise Masking Ear Buds

If you can't cure your partner from snoring, why not mute the noise that you're able to hear? You can still share a bed and get the rest you need without hearing your partner snore all night. Noise-canceling earbuds make it possible for you to tune out distracting noises around you all night so you can get the rest that you so desperately need.

Some snoring is so loud that is shakes the house, so it's important to find high-quality noise-canceling earbuds to ensure that you'll be able to tune out extra loud snoring.

7. Memory Foam Pillows for Better Neck Support

People with snoring issues often have problems with their neck and back alignment, particularly while they sleep. This lack of alignment can lead to a constricted throat which, as we've learned, leads to a higher risk of snoring.

If you're wondering how to sleep with a snorer, something as simple as a good memory foam pillow that supports the neck might help. This will keep your partner's head raised and make it easier for them to take deep, full breaths while they sleep.

8. Sleep in Separate Rooms

If you've tried many methods and still find yourself wondering how to sleep with a snorer, perhaps the answer is to simply not. You can still enjoy time together in the same bed before going to sleep. Time cuddling or being intimate before one of you head off to another room for the night. There's no shame in this and many couples do the same, especially if one happens to snore loudly each night.

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