SoundOff™ Sleep V.3 Noise Masking Earbuds

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SOUNDOFF V.3 EARBUDS: helping our customers sleep better and wake up refreshed; travel in tranquility and work without distractions.

SoundOff earbuds effectively mask snoring, traffic noise, hotel noise and just about any other sound that is bothering you. Designed with side-sleepers in mind, SoundOff earbuds are feather light and super comfortable.  With SoundOff you hear our proprietary pink noise instead of snoring or whatever annoying sound is keeping you awake.  Studies have shown Pink Noise relaxes the brain and can help you sleep.

Try SoundOff risk-free for 30 days. You’ll Love What You Can’t Hear.

Fall Asleep. Stay Asleep. Get Your Sleep.

Peace & Quiet.
On Demand.

  • Active Noise Masking
  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • 3 Sets Memory Foam Comfort Tips
  • 8 volume settings
  • Proprietary Soothing Pink Noise
  • Volume Control on each Earbud
  • Travel Friendly
  • 16 hours of play in a single charge
  • Magnetic charging technology
  • Up to 7-day power reserve in charging case
  • 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee
"Most Calming Earplugs...

...the pink noise playing in the SoundOff Device was soothing, calming, and effective at blocking out snoring."

CNET 2/22/21

49 reviews for SoundOff™ Sleep Noise Masking Earbuds

  1. Charlene Emmett

    My SoundOff earbuds are fantastic! I was skeptical but I take weekend golf trips frequently and room with snoring partners. The nights of no sleep have finally ended! An added bonus was drowning out my cat who likes to wake me up at 6:00 but now I can sleep that extra hour! I use them even when I don’t need to just because the sound is so relaxing. I have told all of my friends about these. You can’t go wrong with SoundOff. An excellent product and well worth the money.

  2. Lisa Brown

    I love my SoundOff earbuds. I bought ANC earbuds, and besides being more expensive, they didn’t really work. I was skeptical about the noise masking but was pretty desperate because my husband snores and I was tired of sleeping elsewhere. I love that you can set how loud the pink noise is. I was so grateful to no longer hear the snoring, but I got a secondary benefit — I slept better than I ever had. I told my husband, who has trouble sleeping through the night, to try my earbuds. HE STOLE THEM!
    Shortly thereafter, my daughter who is in her second year of college was telling me she was having trouble sleeping because of the noise in their apartment. I told her about the SoundOff earbuds and she tried them. Then SHE STOLE THEM FROM MY HUSBAND and took them to college! Purchasing 2 more for me and my husband.

  3. Ruth G

    Sometimes my husband’s snoring is so loud the walls are shaking as if a freight train is coming through🚂 Impossible to sleep👀 Back & forth from couch to bed, reading, TV, etc.😞 In time being so many hours of lost sleep waiting for train to arrive at next town😭 Found SoundOff through a good friend – fingers crossed 🤞 praying 🙏 THIS THING WORKS🎉 I am so happy to finally SLEEP😴 💤 Thank you SoundOff!!! $$ well spent 😉🏆🌈

  4. Allyson

    I thought it seemed sketchy that every single review was 5 stars and it turns out it was!!
    I tried turning up the noise masking up to deafening levels and I could still hear my husband’s snoring. But even if it did drown it out.. the “pink noise” (regular white noise) was too loud to sleep through. Also they are uncomfortable to wear. And you have to pay return shipping. Just save yourself the time and money.

  5. Julie P.

    As many others have mentioned, these are pure magic! My husband snores & I am a light sleeper on a good night. SoundOff has improved the quality of my sleep drastically & my husband is no longer getting elbowed all night to roll over — a win win situation. Thank you SO much for creating this sanity saving product 🙂

  6. Patricia L Palafox

    I bought the first Sound Off and took it on a small boat trip to Croatia in 2020. My roommate in the small room snores heavily. The first Sound Off saved me! However, it was not very comfortable for side sleeping or stomach sleeping so I do not want to have to go through that again for two weeks. So I ordered the new Sound Off and hope the new design works more comfortably. Ear plugs never, no matter what they are, have ever helped me. Sound off is great.

  7. Lorraine Bode

    Oh my gosh!!! SoundOff is an incredible gift to yourself because you’ll no longer complain of sleepless nights! We live in a resort community and frequently have noisy neighbors so I keep SoundOff on my bedside table to put in whenever the noise starts. Once they’re in my ears, I honestly sleep the rest of the night without hearing a peep. I never had to get used to wearing the buds in my ears because from day one, they were very comfortable.

  8. Blanche Leeman

    I have not slept this well in 38 years! Thank you for creating this device. I absolutely love it! I have never felt compelled to rate an item before. But this one deserves an outstanding rating!

  9. Rachel A.

    I was looking for a place to write a review. These ear phones saved my health with more sleep, and my marriage. My husband and I can now sleep in the same room. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  10. Gabriela M

    Thank you so much! Your product is amazing, is the only way I can sleep with my husband.
    I really appreciate that. All the best,

  11. Mark W

    Mouth guards, nose strips, nose plugs, sleeping with music playing, foam ear plugs, but nothing worked. We looked at reviews online, testimonials on YouTube and ratings on different options, but everything failed us.

    One day while doing another exhausting search for something to help my partner sleep, we discovered soundoffsleep. We ordered the product and when we tested it that evening, we had a great feeling it could be the device to save our relationship from my snoring and allow us to sleep comfortably
    We were right!! The earplugs blocked the sound the entire night and every night and morning has been a pleasure. They fit well, are comfortable in his ears and do not fall out during the evening.

    Recently; the right ear bud wasn’t charging properly and within 24 hours after sending an email we received a reply and a confirmation of a replacement coming. We received it within the week and my partner is back to a full night’s sleep with no noise from me.
    We are so happy we found the BEST product in the market and we HIGHLY recommend it to everyone. The customer service, response time, value for the product and ear buds are all TOP-NOTCH A++
    Thank you

  12. Eric Wells

    Thank you for this product! I have been struggling for about 2 years with a snoring spouse and tinnitus to boot. I have tried about everything under the sun and no luck. I had resorted to medication and sleeping on the couch for the last two months. I told my wife this was a last-ditch effort and if it didn’t work I was getting a sleep divorce. I can’t give you a long-term review but I can give a out of the box review. First of all, these are far better quality than I was expecting (sorry) and very easy to set up. The comfort is good but I’m sure with time it will be great. Only issue was sleeping on my side was a bit uncomfortable but not awful. My wife is a HEAVY snorer and these on level 4 was the sweet spot for me. I didn’t wake up due to snoring once all night. First full night of sleep in my own bed in months! I would definitely recommend these to anyone struggling with a snoring spouse. It helps with the tinnitus as well so all around great product.

  13. John F.

    I was very skeptical about this device. It comes with foam ear pieces and I have been trying to get away from foam for a long time. I have had to wear foam ear plugs for months and hate them. I replace the foam with silicon ear pieces I have from other ear buds and I it is very comfortable. I sleep on my sides and my stomach. The sound took me about 30 seconds to get used to and actually like. I actually slept last night even though my wife was snoring away next to me. I am optimistically rating these a 5. As long as they keep running, I will get a good night’s sleep. I didn’t even hear the dog trying to come into the room this morning. I can’t tell you how many years I have been looking for a solution. I have purchased a lot of things and sent them back.

  14. Mia K.

    This product is a life saver! I am a very light sleeper and extremely sound sensitive. Regular ear plugs wouldn’t cut it — for me all it does is muffle the sound! These actually block out sound. Just to give you an idea, I am a college student with thin walls. I can pretty much hear people’s conversations through the walls, much less their yelling, stomping, etc… With these on, I literally cannot tell what is happening — as all I hear is the pink noise. The pink noise is actually very comforting as well to me, even if you have it quite loud to block out extra loud noises it’s still relaxing. I highly recommend giving it a try if you are a light sleeper due to noise, especially with the satisfaction guarantee. Waking up rested and not frustrated with my roommates/family is priceless.

  15. Tiffany S.

    Thank you so much!
    Imagine going from sleepless nights where you toss and turn, stuffing cotton balls or foam ear plugs in your ears just to try and drown out that loud snoring? Well… Soundoffsleep is here for you. I was researching some products to try and drown at my boyfriend’s loud snoring and came across this product. I was a little apprehensive about purchasing this product because nothing else worked the way they claimed so what makes this product better? These earphones drown out any loud snoring helping you get a restful night sleep. This product saved me. Being a light sleeper who struggles with insomnia these headphones helped me get relaxed and drift off to sleep. The pink noise is a huge improvement compared to white noise and it does not stimulate your brain like white noise or music does. All I can say is try this product if you are on a search to find a product that WILL drown out unwanted noises such as snoring, you won’t regret it. Thank you Soundoffsleep!!
    Tiffany S.

  16. Jayne C.

    I’d like to describe the amazing experience I’ve had with my SoundOffSleep earbuds in case my testimonial could be used on the website.
    I moved into a new apartment last year which I love except for one thing: thunderously loud heating pipes that clang and bang every hour, on the hour, all night long. I tried foam and silicone earplugs, which did nothing; various white noise machines, which did little; and blasting rain and ocean recordings on my iphone earbuds, which sometimes worked but made my ears blister and bleed due to side-sleeping on them, making it impossible for me to use them two nights in a row. I was in an awful situation of either staying in my apartment and losing my mind due to sleep deprivation, or breaking my lease and moving for the second time in a pandemic, losing my mind due to stress. (and, yes, the landlord came to fix the pipes three times, with no luck)

    I tried out the SoundOffSleep earbuds because I saw that they had a money back guarantee, and, hey, they’re cheaper than the mental health facility I was going to end up in if I didn’t get some sleep. And they WORKED ON THE FIRST NIGHT. And every night since. I seriously cannot believe anything is capable of blocking out my pipes.

    I’ve found other unexpected benefits to the earbuds. I wore them at my parents’ house in the country, where there is no noise to block out, and I found myself sleeping 10-12 hours a night, probably catching up on a lifetime of sleep deprivation. They can help me focus and meditate. They also seem to ease my headaches. After a hard day when I have a bad headache, I put them in on a low volume, and it eases the pain. I think the sound must help my muscles relax or something. They’re the lullaby of my adulthood.

    I’ve had a couple of malfunctions happen, and customer service always takes care of the issues right away. They call me on the phone and talk to me like a person. I never have to wait for anything. Which is especially good since I need these earbuds now to get through the night.

    As you can see, I have my life back because of these things. Thank you so very much.

  17. Carolyn A.

    My SoundOff earbuds were a lovely gift from my snoring husband on Christmas of 2019. I have slept like a baby next to him ever since!
    This product is excellent! And their customer services is personable and excellent as well.

  18. Ed O.

    I bought these in July and I’m very happy with them. They are the only thing to ever work with my wife’s snoring.

  19. Holly P

    I love my Soundoff earbuds! I spent a lot of time researching online and saw that these could serve my needs and they’ve surpassed them! The pink noise is a very dynamic sound not just noise. I use these even when noise is not an issue and it helps me sleep. I have used it while studying in the library, and when working at home, to tune out family members talking on the phone, etc. I have recommended them to friends. Customer service is fantastic.

  20. Cielito P.

    I purchased these earbuds in February of 2020. These work great; I would like to purchase another pair as these have been a life safer for me being able to sleep well alongside my snoring husband.

  21. Bethany N.

    Hello, For years now, my boyfriend has been sleeping on the couch because I couldn’t sleep with his snoring. I tried the traditional ear plugs and that just wasn’t enough. I had then purchased a bluetooth sleeping mask and used that with the ear plugs and not only did I still hear him but, it was very uncomfortable. After doing some research I stumbled upon Soundoff. After reading the reviews and knowing that they had a 30 day money back guarantee, I figured why not try it? I can’t hear a thing when I’m wearing them! They are so comfortable to wear and I sleep solely on my side!

  22. Trisha S

    Either my husband’s snoring has gotten worse over the years, or I have become more sensitive to the sound, or both, but it was turning into a nightly problem. The SoundOff earbuds work so well that even if my husband stopped snoring tomorrow, I would still use them to fall asleep at night. The pink noise is very soothing. I’m enjoying the most restful sleep I’ve had in years!
    If you’re having trouble sleeping at night whether it’s a snoring partner or just city noise, these are what you need! I will recommend them to everyone!

  23. Dairesse T

    I love my Sound Off earbuds and have been using them since July. They have truly saved me. I’m not allowed to turn my husband over or say anything about his snoring. For months I went without sleep and even tried sleeping in the bath tub where it was quiet. I don’t want to be without them. It’s the only peace I get.
    Thank you so much!

  24. Debi G.

    This product is so awesome. I have enjoyed using them for years, especially for travel. They work so well when having to share a room with someone who snores. I use when I travel, to keep out hotel noise. I use them when we have company that won’t be quiet. They are wonderful. I had an issue with one ear bud and received replacement. The customer service for this company is outstanding. I share this product with everyone I know. I want to thank you so much for everything!

    Satisfied customer!

  25. Dr. Linda G.

    SoundOff Saved a marriage,
    I have tried many things to get a good night’s sleep with my husband snoring with little success. Thanks to your product SoundOff I am able to sleep well and not be so frustrated daily.
    Our Thanks

  26. Karen Q

    Hello, I purchased a pair of SoundOff noise masking device ear buds in February,
    They are amazing and I truly believe that they have saved not only several vacations,
    but my marriage.
    Many thanks,

  27. Jessica L.

    Just wanted to say thank you for this product!!
    I rarely go out of my way to write a review or thank people for creating a product,
    but I had to let you know– this has changed everything! I’m a light sleeper,
    and sleep with a very loud snorer and it causes a lot of stress and sleepless nights when
    we’re away from the CPAP machine (lol). I’m SO HAPPY to have something that actually
    blocks out the noise… and so is he. I can’t hear a thing and we both sleep like angels!
    Thank you!

  28. Elizabeth M.

    Hi! I just wanted to take a few minutes and tell you how amazing this product is. My partner is a loud snorer, so much so that I needed to wear ear plugs when I went to the couch… rooms away from him (yes, it was THAT bad). For almost 2 years, every night ended in either me struggling to get a couple hours of sleep next to him, or one of us sleeping on the couch. I’ve tried all the styles of ear plugs, sleeping medication, headphones… He’s tried the nose strips, netipot, plastic nose openers, chin strap, a CPAP machine… Finally I saw your product and thought that it was expensive (compared to quick fixes) but I thought to myself I would gladly pay hundreds more if it truly worked.
    I’ve been using the SoundOff earbuds for almost a month now and neither of us have slept on the couch a single night and I am getting a full nights sleep (I didn’t realize how sleep deprived I actually was!). This product is truly amazing and I can’t promote you guys enough for anyone who can’t sleep with snoring.

  29. Marianne L.

    I would just like to let you guys know how much of an impact this product has made on my marriage.
    My husband and I have been married for 13 years, and have not slept together for about 11 years of it……. He had slowly gained weight and the snoring was simply unbelievable… like a freight train. Throughout the years, I have bought every kind of snore-blocker, from the tape, to the sprays, to pills that were supposed to help him. Sleep studies were done, and no CPAP was needed (I found out 8yrs later that a CPAP was indeed needed, he just didn’t want to tell me that, because he didn’t want to wear one – hahaha)…. So I then tried to find products to help me maybe not hear the snoring. All sorts of noise machines, head wraps that had the speakers inside, and low-profile wireless headphones. Nothing helped or was comfortable. And if it was comfortable, I could still hear him. My husband hated how loud all these products were as well.
    Introduce your product……. Relief was instant. I have to have them turned all the way up of course and make sure he’s facing the opposite direction, but I literally have no more issues sleeping together with him. They are not super comfortable for side-sleepers, but a million times better than all the products I’ve tried. This is quiet for him as well as loud enough for me to drown out his snoring. We have slept together every night since I’ve bought this amazing product. When my dog ate one of the ear buds, well, you better bet I was protecting my last one like it was PURE GOLD. I since had an issue with the last bud I had, so the warranty went into effect, but the customer service center is outstanding. They email back quick and when encountering a issue, they called me to try to figure it out and make it right. They are an amazing company and product. I love you guys. I’m closer both physically and emotionally to my husband which has made a great improvement in our marriage the past few months.
    Thanks for everything!

  30. Kristy R

    I bought these last week and received them on Friday.
    I LOVE THEM!!!!! I can finally sleep next to my husband and I don’t have to play musical beds!!!
    I’m recommending them to everyone I know.
    Thank you for delivering them so quickly.

  31. Michaela B.

    Your product works great. I was an electric fan user until I discovered your product. In the NW here we lose power often. Those nights are hard with no power. Your product worked great when we lost power here for 6 hours overnight. I slept like a baby! Thanks again for your ear plugs!

  32. Tracy P

    My boyfriend snores so loudly, you can hear him several rooms away.
    I tried every ear plug I could find to mask the noise so I could sleep.
    None ever worked, and I routinely went without sleep.
    I am not a fan of the idea of sleeping in separate rooms,
    so I was desperate to find something to help. These have been a LIFESAVER for me.
    The Sound Off ear buds COMPLETELY block out his snoring, and they have saved my sleep!!

  33. Tiffany S.

    I simply can not thank the people working to make these masterpieces.
    I have lived with insomnia and have become rather picky about noise,
    light and other visual and auditory distractions when it come to trying to lay down and fall asleep.
    I have a boyfriend who snores pretty loud and after multiple trial and errors of devices for him
    and foam ear plugs to block out the snoring I was left returning back home or resorting to his couch,
    unable to sleep next to him. I had anxiety over this as I love him greatly. And then…
    I found soundoffsleep. I can’t believe how amazing these earbuds are.
    They block out the noise 110%. I am able to fall asleep without worrying about being kept up
    by his snoring. The pink noise is truly soothing and unique.
    I was skeptical to try these as other devices in the past never held up to their “block out snoring”
    claims. These earbuds will allow any troubled sleep deprived,
    fed up person dealing with a loud snorer to stay in bed and get a good night sleep.
    Thank you again for this wonderful product. I will recommend this to anyone that may be in my shoes.

  34. Kathy L.

    I’ve waited 36 years for this. I spent last year sleeping in separate room from my wife,
    tensions building. You device is pure magic! The perfect solution to many years of struggle.
    I just may renew my vows, thanks to Soundoffsleep! Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

  35. Sandy R

    I just wanted to let you know I am very happy with your product.
    My husband is a very loud snorer and with sound off for the first time I don’t hear him.
    Thank you!

  36. Kevin H

    I brought SoundOff with me a couple weekends ago to a hotel. The guy at the front desk gave me a heads-up about a train that runs by in the wee hours of the AM… along with some complimentary orange 99 Cent Store-type ear plugs and said I’d need these. I laughed to myself and told him I had your product and I would be fine. I don’t think he believed me or something. I didn’t hear a thing, no train at all. When I checked out, it was so early that the guy was still on shift and he asked if the train was so bad that that’s why I was checking out so early. I said WHAT TRAIN!? LOL. I didn’t hear a train. Cool.

  37. Katie B

    thank you for such an amazing product. I originally got these as a snoree but now also use them
    when I need to concentrate in a noisy work environment. they are fantastic and I highly recommend sound off!

  38. Stephanie B

    Hi, my name is Stephanie and I ordered your earbuds several months ago and wow!
    Have they been a relationship savor! I love them!
    Thank you!

  39. Donna S.

    I’ve had my SoundOff earbuds for several months and absolutely love them!
    I like the fact that there are different levels of pink noise.
    I usually only need the lowest level, but have cranked it up a bit when snoring or
    household noises interrupt my sleep. I am a mostly a side sleeper,
    so I only use one bud at a time. I am so grateful that I found these!
    Highly recommend!

  40. Ed H.

    Just wanted to say thanks. These seem to work better than the bluetooth earbuds I’ve been using,
    (They are too difficult to pair to Bluetooth constantly, and break after a few months).
    These seem simple to use, and have the masking frequency and power I was looking for.

  41. Kathia M

    I have owned my Soundoff earbuds for a couple of months now, and I have slept soundly each and every night since I received them. It is a relief that I finally found a solution that works. I had tried white noise machines, white noise apps to listen to on my phone, regular earplugs, and even cotton balls in my ears. I suffer from severe misophonia, and once I am awake, unless the noise that awoke me stops completely, I cannot go back to sleep. Misophonia makes the brain fire up and it’s virtually impossible to soothe it unless the stimulus is completely extinguished. The only thing that has worked for me 100% is Soundoff earbuds. They block noises perfectly, and the pink noise is
    very soothing. I use the lowest volume setting and have not had to turn them up at all, even with loud snoring next to me. They also last all night (would probably last two nights in a row, but I charge them every morning), and they charge very fast. As for their customer service, I am beyond impressed. My first pair developed a problem charging. I emailed them and crossed my fingers that I would be contacted soon. That same day I received a phone call from a gentleman named Stuart, who was not only incredibly helpful and friendly, but solved my problem right away. It was by far the best customer service I have encountered probably ever.

  42. Melissa K

    I am so happy I found this product. These have rescued me from many sleepless/restless nights from my boyfriend’s snoring. They really mask the sound and a side benefit for me, my cat meowing at 5:30 in the morning to be fed. My boyfriend now has to get up with him. 😊 They are comfortable and easy to wear. They truly help me get a great night sleep. I can’t say enough good things about the customer service I received. I would highly recommend this product and company – TOP NOTCH!

  43. Joshua

    The new version is so much better! The sound is no longer too loud, they fit much better and are comfortable. I’m very happy with the updated version.

  44. Michael

    Not a single snore heard all night! Foam tips drastically improve sound blocking. They hold everything tightly to my ears, which was my concern with 1.0. I had hoped to see continued updates to the system and I am impressed with your 2.0.

  45. Jana

    Love the new upgrades!! Ear tips much more comfortable. Old ones made my ears tender after the third consecutive days of wearing. Been wearing almost 10 days straight and ears not tender. The sound seems to be more of a pleasant sound and not too loud. Unsure if new ear tips or new sound design. Also love the fact you can charge with micro USB now. Don’t have to worry as much about losing charger. Very happy and impressed with this product and company. You really seem to care about your customers. Thank you!!!!

  46. David

    The new version of the product is a notable improvement over the previous version for masking sounds and fitting in the ear canal. I was able to use a lower volume level with the new version, and snoring was masked much better even at this lower volume. The new comfort tips help the product stay snuggly in the ear all night whereas the former product failed to do that, which was frustrating.

  47. Molly

    First I want to say that your noise masking device is golden! I recently completed 500 miles of the Camino de Santiago in Spain. In a last minute effort to ward off my fears of sleeping in albergues with 30 other snoring individuals every night, I ordered your product. At first I had a hard time getting used to them. THEN… it all switched. I couldn’t sleep without them! Even when I got a private room on the trail, I found they lulled me to sleep. I was really surprised. So thank you.

  48. Tim

    I found you guys on Facebook, I was at the end of my rope with getting no sleep due to my wife’s snoring. Thank goodness for SoundOff, it is working like a charm!

  49. Susan

    I am so happy with my SoundOff….no more sleepless nights with a snoring husband!

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