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The Sleep Benefits of Glamping

  • 10 min read

The Sleep Benefits of Glamping

If you haven’t tried glamorous camping—better known as “glamping,” you may want to give it a re-think. Glamping blends luxury with camping for those who seek an outdoor experience without having to give up creature comforts. Before we dismiss it as inauthentic, let’s take a deeper look at what it offers, including—the sleep benefits of glamping—which we can all happily embrace…

One of the greatest benefits of camping is improved sleep quality but as we’ve discussed in prior posts, there are sometimes challenges to falling asleep and staying asleep in new environments… like temperature and weather issues… and noises we’re not used to. 

In How to Sleep Better in Your RV, we touched on the importance of being comfortable so you can get the deep, restful sleep you need. Glamping removes many of the discomfort issues you encounter with regular tent camping—and can elevate other forms of camping. After a brief overview of glamping, we’ll cover:

  • Glamping origins
  • Who’s glamping now?
  • Tent camping vs Glamping
  • Is glamping real camping?
  • Do regular campgrounds have glamping?
  • Will I have any set-up?
  • Is Resort camping Glamping?
  • RV Glamping
  • Glamping Sleep Wrap-up

So, what is Glamping?

Glamping may be considered as a perfect blend of camping and luxury. You get all the benefits of spending time in nature—minus the less-convenient aspects of traditional camping.

Typically, Glamping accommodations are spacious and comfortable, and include amenities some of us consider indispensable like:

  • Real Beds (with quality linens)
  • Electricity
  • Running water
  • Indoor bathrooms

This makes glamping an appealing option for people who want to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing their creature comforts. Sleep benefits of glamping are already becoming more obvious…

  • Beds are more comfortable than mats or sleeping bags.
  • Electricity helps regulate the room temperature and heat the running water.
  • A warm bath or shower is often recommended to induce sleep...

In a nutshell, comfort is an essential component to a good night’s sleep and glamping helps check off that box.

Other reasons that glampers may sleep better?

  • Glamping structures are often situated in very scenic areas—this can be more relaxing and conducive to sleep.
  • Glampers are likely to be set up in areas that are further removed from noise, and other distractions, encountered by traditional campers.

You ‘ll find glamping accommodations ranging from simple tents with electricity and running water— to lux yurts—and even treehouses with hot tubs. Consider the sleep benefits of glamping before scheduling your next outdoor adventure!

Glamping offers all the benefits of spending time in nature without sacrificing creature comforts.

A cozy glamping tent with a unique entry. Spaciousness, seclusion, and creature comforts allow you to sleep more comfortably.

The history of Glamping

In the 16th century, the Scottish Earl of Atholl, put on an elaborate experience in the Highlands for the visiting King James V and his mother—complete with lavish tents—filled with provisions from his palace.

So, while the modern term “glamping” was coined in the UK circa 2005, the concept has been around for centuries…

  • By the 19th century, wealthy travelers in Asia and Africa were booking luxurious safaris with gourmet meals and hot tubs… and “glamourous camping” was born
  • Glamourous camping gained in popularity in the US and Europe during the late 20th century due mainly to increased pursuit of outdoor activities, a desire for a more lux camping experience, and the rise in ecotourism.

Personally? I think Glamping may pre-date the good Earl—after all, I’m looking at a clipofCleopatra Glamping.  Then again, Hollywood sometimes takes liberties...

Over-the-top glamping

For some, glamping may be a simple tent with a few extra amenities to provide a little bit of glam along with more comfort—and hopefully better sleep.

Some solar string lights perhaps… a favorite teakettle or mug—a fold-out cot with a sturdy mattress and cozy comforter.

Of course, some would prefer a luxurious cabin—complete with a fireplace, hot tub, and on-call chef. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you may find yourself in one of these over-the-top glamping wonders…

  • A treehouse in the Amazon rainforest—kitted out with a hot tub, hammocks, and a waterfall shower.
  • A luxury tent in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania with its own private chef, butler, and game drive.
  • A yurt in the Mongolian steppes that comes with its own horses and camels… or
  • A floating cabin in the French Alps with a glass-bottomed floor.

Today, we have glamping resorts across the globe and many traditional campgrounds offer glamping alternatives. There certainly seems to be no shortage of optionsregardless of whether you go big or go small.

Who ‘s glamping now?

Roughly a quarter of Americans prefer Glamping over traditional camping. It’s popular with people of all ages and interests but most particularly with couples, families, and friend-groups.

It’s a great choice for anyone who is new to camping, has physical limitations—or doesn’t have the energy to set up and maintain a traditional campsite. For that matter, many of us would simply rather spend our time and energy doing the fun stuff instead, like hiking, swimming—or just hanging out with loved ones.

A young couple in wedding attire stands in the doorway of their glamping tent, posing for photos.

Many outdoor enthusiasts choose Glamping Weddings because they're unique, personal, and budget-friendly.

Ready to take your Glamping vows?

When you think of a destination wedding, camping is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But perhaps, not surprisingly, glamping has become more popular in the wedding niche.

The younger crowd includes many camping enthusiasts. And more and more, young couples who like spending time in nature, are finding glamping ideal for weddings and honeymoons. Here are some reasons they find it appealing…

  • It provides an interesting and unique experience for their guests.
  • Gorgeous locations from simple to lush make for awesome photos.
  • Glamping removes distractions for more quality time with friends and family.
  • It’s easy to create an amazing event without breaking the bank.

Of course, it’s not without concerns about the weather but that’s the case for any outdoor event. So, if you’re thinking of saying your “I do’s” in the great outdoors, make sure you have a contingency plan. And speaking of planning…

Since weddings usually mean a fair amount of people, they’re liable to create a fair amount of noise—and that’s liable to interfere with the sleeping benefits of glamping. From late-night catch-up chats, to snoring bridesmaids and inebriated uncles, noise can interfere with the beauty sleep couples need to look their best on their big day.

Be prepared to silence the noise and get your best sleep by packing a pair of SoundOff sleep earbuds for each of you.

Glamping is a great way to connect with friends and family. Just hanging out together, away from the stress and distractions of daily life helps build closer relationships.

A group of friends hanging out in the evening on the front steps of a glamping tent platform.

Tent camping vs Glamping

Traditional tent camping can leave you exposed to the elements—you may be too hot or cold—or be dealing with wind or rain. You may feel too cramped in that small space… the ground may be hard or lumpy. You may have trouble controlling outside light sources—and outside noise... It may be a combination of any of those things—and the stress may be keeping you from falling asleep.

  • Glamping accommodations, however, are more spacious and designed to be comfortable and relaxing. With the discomfort hassles of traditional camping removed, you’re able to relax easier and experience much better sleep quality—so you’re more refreshed and energized for the day ahead.
  • Researchers found people who slept in a tent for two nights to have significantly lower levels of Melatonin than those who slept in a hotel room—this could indicate that tent camping is disrupting your sleep cycle. Glamping’s hotel-type comforts can promote better sleep.

If traditional camping challenges your sleep, you’re probably ready to explore the sleep benefits of glamping. You could also benefit from our noise masking sleep earbuds. SoundOff earbuds don’t just block out disruptive sounds. They block them with soothing pink noise which calms your brain and lulls you to sleep. Give SoundOff a try—you’ll be a happier, and better rested camper!

Is Glamping real camping?

Well, that’s a matter of opinion of course—and apparently a matter of some debate. There are those who argue that Glamping isn’t a “real” camping experience because it lacks the challenge and authenticity of traditional camping. They feel it’s too luxurious and comfortable. But not everyone likes to “rough it” all the time.

I say to each their own. Both options allow you to escape the city stress, breathe the fresh air, enjoy the scenery, participate in activities like hiking and fishing… and gaze at the stars.

There are times you may want to skip all the heavy-lifting and let someone else worry about the details.

If glamping appeals to you, you should try it. Who cares whether it’s an “authentic” experience or not? It’s your experience… so, just do You and let everyone else do it their way.

Besides, that luxury and comfort will serve you well at bedtime. You’ll be enjoying the sleep benefits of glamping… while others will be trying to manage their comfort and noise challenges.

Do regular campgrounds have glamp options?

Glamping options can be found at some traditional campgrounds. Which helps make glamping more accessible if you’re not looking to travel too far for the glamping experience. It should be noted, however, these accommodations tend to be less luxurious than glamping at a dedicated glamping resort. That said, it doesn’t mean you won’t have a great glamping experience just the same…

A group of people around a table with drinks in the evening at a glamping resort.

Glamping can also be a great way to meet new people, as many glamping sites offer communal areas where guests can mingle.

Will I need to do any set-up?

The whole purpose of glamping is to relax and just enjoy all the good things camping has to offer. Convenience is the name of the game, so you won’t be setting up your tent or glamp pod, you won’t be hauling a bunch of camping gear, or gathering wood for a fire…

Glamping tents are typically larger and more complex to set up, so the resort or campground handles that for you.

You can just fast forward to the fun stuff.

What you do need is this comprehensive, interactive guide which includes everything you need to know about glamping—complete with a downloadable checklist for packing. It covers seasonal clothing, “essentials,” and luxuries to make sure you’re prepared for an optimal glamping experience.

Disclaimer: The locations information in the guide above will only be helpful if you’re glamping in the UK. Check out this list of29 top glamping locations for Glamping in the USA.

Beyond standard tents…

Glamping isn’t limited to your standard tent. There are different types of ready-made structures for glampers to rent, and it might just be fun to try them all. Here are some popular options:

  • Canvas safari tents: These large and spacious tents often have canvas walls and roofs that keep you sheltered from the elements.
  • Teepees: Teepees are a traditional Native American form of shelter. They too are spacious and comfortable—and they also provide a unique experience.
  • Yurts: These are round tents made of felt or canvas. They’re known for warmth and coziness and offer a great view of your surroundings.
  • Pods: Glamping pods are small, self-contained structures—often made of wood or metal. They have beds, electricity, and running water. Pods are a good option for glampers who want compact and private accommodations.
  • Airstreams: Airstreams are vintage trailers which have been converted into luxurious glamping accommodations. They’re a great glamping choice for couples and small families.
  • Tiny homes: These small, self-contained dwellings are perfect for glamping. They’re typically made from sustainable materials and offer a unique and eco-friendly way to experience the outdoors.

Regardless of the ready-made tent or structure you choose rest assured, it will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive. Your job is just to enjoy…

Is Resort camping Glamping?

Some consider Resort camping a form of Glamping because the resort campsites offer amenities like hot tubs, pools, and restaurants. Others disagree, however, citing the fact that resort campgrounds are designed to be more like hotels than campsites… and therefore miss the mark by not providing the same connection to nature you get from Glamping.

RV Glamping

People who enjoy the outdoors but want to have the conveniences of home often choose to go glamping in an RV. If you’re glamping in your own RV camper, you have the added advantage of bringing along your own personal luxuries which can add an extra layer of comfort.

RV glampers are typically equipped with all the amenities they need for a comfortable and luxurious glamping experience, including:

  • Bedding: Comfortable beds with linens and pillows.
  • Electricity: To run lights, fans, and appliances.
  • Running water: For showers, sinks, and toilets.
  • Kitchens: With a stove, oven, refrigerator, and sink.

In addition to those necessities, RV glampers may also have other amenities, such as a fireplace, TV, or hot tub.

But what truly sets RV glamping apart is the convenience of being able to easily pack up and move locations—making it the perfect way to explore and see different parts of the country. RV glamping is also family-friendly and pet friendly as the RV is not only comfortable, but a safe place to stay for kids and pets.

RV Glamping means you have more options—when you get the urge to explore, you can easily pick up and move your glamping structure to a new location.

A couple relaxes outside their RV on a picnic blanket in a field with sunflowers,

For convenient, luxurious, and family-friendly adventures—RV glamping is hard to beat! Check out these Luxury Camping Vehicles.  

And now to the crux of the matter…

Do glampers get better sleep than regular campers?

It’s not conclusive but evidence suggests that glampers may get better sleep than regular campers. A University of Alberta study found study participants who slept in glamping tents enjoyed better sleep quality than their counterparts who slept in traditional tents. Those participants additionally reported being more relaxed and refreshed after glamping.

Glamping doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a good night’s sleep. It just gives you better odds. If sleeping in a tent is a new experience, it may require some getting used to. And there’s a good chance you’ll be disturbed by noise and other distractions.

Even if you’re in a secluded, serene spot, having a snoring mate—or snoring dog—in your glamping space is going to mess with your sleep.  SoundOff earbuds were designed specifically to block out snoring and other noises that annoy you and prevent you from getting the sleep you need. It’s also designed for travel.

SoundOff comes in a convenient compact charging case that holds a 7-day charge. So, when you’re ready for that unique and unforgettable glamping adventure, make sure to take SoundOff with you!

See you next week with more sleep tips…

A young couple relaxes together in their glamping tent.