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A few interesting snoring statistics

  • 2 min read
Child in bed sleeping with mouth open. Interestingly, snoring statistics show 10-12% of children snore habitually.

Here are a few interesting snoring statistics I came across today...

It's a surprise to me that 10 - 12 % of children snore habitually.

A few interesting snoring statistics about age...

Interestingly, I got an email today from a college student who is interested in SoundOff for his girlfriend who lives in a dorm and can't get any sleepbecause her roommate snores very loud! I wonder how many college age people snore and keep their roommates awake... I have always thought of snoring as a problem among people aging... however, as much as 30 percent of people aged thirty and above are snorers. The proportion rises to 40 percent when it comes to middle aged people. Two thirds of all partnered adults say that their partner snores. When asked individually whether they snore or not, people responded with “yes” at a rate of 6 out of 10, or 59 percent.

Snoring Statistics: Men vs Women

Turns out there are also a few interesting snoring statistics about men and women...

There is an approximate ratio of 2:1 sufferers of snoring among men to women. However, this gap catches up after women reach menopause.

Women are less likely to admit to snoring.

Men's airways are primed for snoring. Studies have found significant differences in the anatomy of men's airways.

Menopause increases the likelihood of snoring in women.

For those kept awake by snoring...

If 10-12% of children snore habitually, perhaps there are siblings that need SoundOff noise masking earbuds so they can sleep with their brother's/sister's snoring. Adults with snoring partners and college students with snoring roommates can most definitely benefit from SoundOff's snore blocking technology.

If you're being kept awake by snoring, give them a try - You'll love what you can't hear!