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"Best for Snoring" ~ Sleep Foundation

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9 Sleep-Improving Benefits of Sleeping With Earbuds

  • 4 min read

If you experience trouble sleeping, you're not alone. Millions of people all across the world have trouble getting to sleep at night, and many of them struggle to find a comfortable and effective way to combat this.

One method that seems to work for a lot, however, is sleeping with earbuds in. Read on to find out how this can give you better, deeper sleep instantly.

1. Achieve Healthier Sleep

Having a good, deep sleep lowers your blood pressure, decreases your chance of strokes, heart attacks, and depression, and even obesity and diabetes. On top of all that, you'll simply be more rested, meaning a better mood, a more productive day, and a happier existence all around!

Sleeping with earbuds helps block out all the sounds of the outside world, from household noises to birds chirping in the morning. For light sleepers, this is a total game-changer as it cuts down on distracting noises as you're trying to fall asleep, and continues to block those noises as you fall deeper into sleep.

2. Lots of Options

There are a lot of different types of earbuds for those looking to experiment with better sleep. There's wax, silicone, and foam-made earbuds, all of which fit differently. If you've only tried one type don't give up, as some may fit much nicer than others!

Wax earbuds tend to fit the best as they form to the shape of your ear. They come in a variety of sizes and patterns, allowing you to get stylish with your earplugs if you want. You can also get earbuds with strings attaching each bud, meaning you won't have to worry about losing one throughout the night!

3. Block the Loudest Noises

If you invest in some good earbuds designed specifically for sleeping, you're going to notice a huge reduction in outside noise. Sleeping earbuds typically block anything up to 30 decibels, meaning things like lawnmowers and car noises from outside will hardly be audible. This will help you stay asleep longer, and keep you in that deep REM sleep state.

Certain earplugs will block out more noise than others, so do your research and experiment with different types to see what works for you. If you live on a highway or in a big city there may be louder noises than, say, living in the country or on a farm.

4. Still Wake up for the Alarm

As long as you set your alarm to a decibel level over that which your earbuds block, you'll still be able to hear it in the morning, meaning you don't have to worry about being late for work. As you get used to the earbuds you'll grow used to hearing the sound of the alarm through them, and your body will wake up as it recognizes the noise.

5. An Affordable Option

Earplugs are very affordable. The cheapest options will only run you a few dollars, and more intensive sleep-made plugs will go up to about $50 at most, usually getting you a few pairs. This is much more affordable than sleeping drugs, sleep therapy, and other methods.

6. Easy to Use

Earbuds are the easiest method of getting more restful sleep. Just pop them in your ears and you're done, no pills to remember, no dietary limitations, or anything else that comes with other methods.

7. Achieve Marital Bliss

There's nothing worse than a partner who snores or sleep-talks. With earplugs, you can drow out all that noise without having to sleep in another room or cause unnecessary arguments! It also means you can avoid using something like a white noise machine, which may be calming to you but distracting to a partner.

8. Stay off Unnecessary Drugs

One of the worst things you can do for your body is to give it unnecessary pills and medication. Some sleep-enhancing medications like Ambien work wonders, but they also give off unwanted side effects including depression, brain fog, and even sleepwalking and delirium. If you can avoid these side effects by simply putting in some earplugs, you probably should.

9. Sleep On-The-Go

If you're someone who travels regularly, you probably know the struggles of trying to get to sleep on a plane or a train. There are countless distractions, from crying babies to loud people to outside noise and beyond. With a good pair of earplugs you can block out all that unwanted noise and get those extra Zs anywhere you might be, preparing you for that big business meeting, or just a good visit with far-off family and friends.

Sleeping With Earbuds Is Just Smart

Don't suffer from a bad-nights sleep any longer. Sleeping with earbuds is an affordable and extremely beneficial way to get more restful sleep and destress at night, especially for light sleepers. Put down the sleep drugs and try earplugs today, you have nothing to lose!

If you're looking for some top-quality ear buds to improve your sleep, check out our products page. Contact us with any comments or concerns, we'd love to hear them.