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"Best for Snoring" ~ Sleep Foundation

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Is noise keeping you from getting a good night's sleep?

  • 2 min read
Woman laying in bed at 3AM not sleeping. Clock on night stand

Is noise keeping you from getting a good night's sleep? Is it snoring? It is difficult to get good sleep if your partner snores. But, there are other noises that prevent good sleep also. I love to wake up hearing the birds singing. However, in the last week their singing is starting at 5:00AM; a little earlier than I want to be awake. Last week a customer emailed us that she has doves outside her bedroom window that are getting louder and louder in the morning.

A couple months ago a customer emailed us that he stayed in a hotel that was close to train tracks and the train woke him up very early in the morning. He wished he had brought his SoundOff with him and will not travel anywhere without it in the future. Another customer has neighbors with barking dogs and another with a dog that snores (this one made me laugh). His wife insists the dogs sleep with them so until he bought SoundOff he would go to the couch many nights. If you live close to a freeway, that noise can keep you from falling asleep or wake you up during the night, especially the semi-trucks.

Living in cities is also living with noise. During the day it is easy to tune it out as we go about our lives, but trying to go to sleep is another story. Sometimes the noise can seem louder when we are trying fall asleep. Even the sounds we love, like birds singing, are wonderful to hear when we are not trying to sleep but can prevent us from falling asleep or wake us up before we want to get up. Life is full of thousands of different noises. I believe this is why noise-masking is the answer.

If you are not familiar with the term "Noise Masking", it is listening to a particular sound, so you don't hear another sound (the noise bothering you). A steady sound helps relax us and I like pink noise or brown noise. A mix of the two masks snoring effectively. The modified pink noise in SoundOff is a mix of pink noise and brown noise. It does a good job of masking other unwanted noise as well.

We all know how important it is to get good sleep. It is difficult to function without it. So, is noise keeping your from getting a good night's sleep? Or, does noise prevent someone you love from getting a good night's sleep? If the answer is yes, try SoundOff. It could be the solution you've been looking for.