"Best Earbuds for Travel" ~ Trip Savvy

"Best Earbuds for Travel" ~ Trip Savvy

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V2 Earbuds With Pink Noise Clinically Proven For Better Sleep

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Discover the Ultimate Solution for
Your Peaceful Sleep

Meet the SoundOff Noise Masking Earbuds V2 – the revolutionary sleep companion designed to transform your nights. SoundOff utilizes advanced sound technology to mask disruptive snoring noises and create a tranquil environment conducive to sleep. Unlike traditional white noise, our earbuds play our proprietary pink noise, delivering a calming ambiance reminiscent of gentle rain or ocean waves. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to restful slumber with SoundOff!

Pink Noise is
Clinically Proven
for Better Sleep

Developed by a PhD in Psycho-acoustics

SoundOff Noise Masking Earbuds are the culmination of cutting-edge research and expertise in the science of sound.

Soothing Pink Noise

Experience the tranquility of pink noise that mimics the sound of gentle rain or ocean waves for a more soothing and relaxing sleep environment.

Customizable Volume Levels

Choose from 6 volume settings to suit your preferences and block out external noise, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep regardless of your surroundings.

soundoff-sleep-sleep-pink-noise-earbuds47 V2

soundoff-best-sleep-pink-noise-earbuds-clinically-proven-sleeping-woman V2

"Never Slept This Great Before!"

Stephany E.

Comfortable Design

Lightweight and ergonomically shaped, our earbuds are designed for comfort, so you can enjoy great sleep All Night... Every Night!

Long-lasting Battery

Enjoy uninterrupted sleep with a battery life of over 10 hours on a single charge, ensuring you wake up refreshed every morning.

Save 50% and Get Yours Today!

Enjoy Your Best Sleep EVER!

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SoundOff V2 Noise Masking Earbuds
$49.99 Reg. $99.99

Enjoy the Limited Time Offer!

Say HELLO to Mornings Filled with Energy and Vitality!



Our Passionate

Brings Families Back Together

Enjoy peaceful nights and wake up refreshed, improving the quality of time spent with loved ones.

A Must-Have for Travel

Take SoundOff earbuds everywhere you go – vacations, hotels, camping, trailers. Enjoy uninterrupted sleep no matter where you are.

Perfect Gift

Treat yourself, your partner, and your family members to the gift of restful sleep. SoundOff earbuds make an ideal present for any occasion.

SoundOff Saved My Marriage!
I'm a terrible snorer, and my wife finally gets the rest she deserves!"
~ Michael T.

What a great product!
We tried everything—gadgets and pills for my husband, but nothing worked! This product is a lifesaver for me!

I can't believe how much SoundOFF has improved my sleep quality. It's like having my own personal sleep oasis."
~ Anita D.