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Traveling With a Snorer

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Traveling with a snorer is hard on relationships

Traveling, however enticing, can present a variety of challenges to a good night’s sleep. But traveling with a Snoreris guaranteed to add extra layers of frustration to that mix. This often results in relationship conflicts… and less-than-happy travel outcomes.

When making any travel plans, whether solo or with a partner, take time to consider your sleep—it can mean the difference between a great experience—and a disastrous one.

Sleep—An Essential Travel Necessity

Whether you realize it or not, sleep is an essential travel necessity. In addition to decreased stamina and compromised immune support, sleep loss manifests in decreased performance across all the body’s functions. This can, and will, totally disrupt your best laid travel plans.

Prioritizing sleep while planning your travel, sets you up for a happier travel experience. If you neglect to plan, and you’re traveling on insufficient sleep, you’re likely to face unpleasant consequences. Such as these…

Health Issues

Sleep loss makes us more receptive to bacteria and viruses so the chances of picking up a bug while traveling increase. On the flip side, when we’re not losing sleep, we’re likely to see health benefits from annual vacations and week-end getaways. These include improved heart health and fewer stress-related ailments.

Deprived of sleep, our strength, coordination, and endurance begin to wane. We may not be up to participating in more physical activities like hiking, biking—or even just a nice long walk.  Being tired and weak means you return home without experiencing everything you had planned for your trip!

Man driving a yellow scooter recklessly on a palm tree-lined road as his woman passenger laughs behind him.

Sobering thought: Losing just four hours of sleep can have the same effect as being inebriated— this can affect your judgement, and may lead to risky behavior.

Impaired Judgement

Sleep loss also prevents us from thinking clearly, which can put us at risk while traveling. Outside our familiar environment, it’s especially important to have our wits about us—to be aware of our surroundings, and limit risky behaviors.

Losing just four hours of sleep has the same effect on your body as being inebriated. So, even if you're not indulging in too much alcohol while you’re on holiday—you won't be 100%. Sleep loss affects your coordination—and your judgement. This leaves you too altered to make sound decisions… or safely operate a recreational vehicles.

A woman traveling in business suit crosses street with luggage, looking at watch with worried expression as if running late

Avoid business travel disasters... Plan ahead—then make sure to get the essential sleep you need to perform at your best.

Business Failures

On business trips, we need the mental focus to perform well and accomplish goals. This is true whether we’re accountable to an employer—or working for ourselves. In the course of interacting with clients and our peers, it’s crucial to exude confidence and project a positive image of the company or product we represent. Can you do that on only a few hours’ sleep?  Most of us cannot.

Imagine traveling to an interview for your dream job and failing to dazzle your prospective employer… being late for your keynote speech… or returning home without that contract your boss is counting on…

The cost of poor sleep often comes with an actual price tag—and it can be hefty.

A woman alone, looking out over a lake, in the early evening, doesn't appear to be enjoying her travel.
Continual sleep loss from snoring leaves you physically, mentally and emotionally spent.

Relationship Strain

When a travel-mate’s snoring is responsible for our disrupted sleep it’s not long before frustration turns to resentment and conflict. This is troubling whether you’re traveling with a snorer who’s your partner, a workmate, a sibling, or your golf buddy—but it can really take a toll on a romantic relationship.

Couples have more frequent, and more serious conflicts after a night of poor sleep—this sleep loss also causes them to have more difficulty in resolving their issues.

The Necessary Time-out

The ability to have an occasional timeout from all life’s craziness is also an essential for us all. Thus, having the snoring that’s destroying your sleep at home, follow you on vacation can seem especially cruel to the snoree. The continual sleep loss leaves you physically, mentally and emotionally spent—trapped in an endless snoring loop—somehow, you need to escape

and that’s why we invented SoundOff…

Our Sleep Story

Back in the days when the only snoring products available were for the snorer, a much-needed 10-day vacation to Mexico was booked and anxiously anticipated… with carefree days, exploring… lounging in the sun… Then reality set in. 

Thoughts of a blissful, relaxing trip turned to dread. One of our founders was going on vacation… with a very loud snorer.

A row of blue-and-white-striped lounge chairs on a tropical beach under palm trees  and grass umbrellas

Dreams of your perfect getaway can turn to dread when you’re traveling with a snorer.

Decision Time

While finalizing plans, it became clear... each relaxing day would be book-ended by nights of terrible sleep. The only solution was to reserve a second room. This way, she could enjoy her vacation, and enjoy it she did (minus the cost of the extra room.)

While there, and relaxed, because she was able to sleep, an idea began to form… and over the next few months, a product for the “snoree” was born.

Solving the snoring problem

Equipped with personal snoring-related sleep loss experience, and determined to find a solution to traveling with a snorer, the journey to invent SoundOff began in earnest. From concept to product launch, the SoundOff team stayed focused on liberating the Snoree from sleepless nights…

And a special proprietary pink noise was developed with a PhD in psychoacoustics—specifically to block snoring (happily that means it also blocks out banging hotel doors, pinging elevators and other travel-related noises.)

A couple snuggled together in bed sleeping peacefully. The woman is wearing noise-blocking earbuds.

“From day one, they worked like magic and two years later I am still hooked. Thank you for changing my life and giving me my sleep back!”


SoundOff Sleep Earbuds—Your “Must-Have” Travel Item

SoundOff noise masking earbuds have now been thoroughly sleep-tested by thousands of “Snorees.” Many customers use our earbuds for traveling with a snorer and tell us they’ve saved vacations—and relationships. 

Debi recently wrote: “I would not be able to travel without the Soundoff earbuds. They cancel out traffic noise, loud hotels and snoring roommates. I use them frequently while traveling… I recommend to all my friends as an essential ‘must have’ item.”

Beyond noise…

Sleep-related travel issues go beyond noise—and so does SoundOff. The added benefit of the pink noise playing in our sleep earbuds is that it relaxes the brain which helps induce sleep, and allows you to get deeper, longer, more rejuvenating sleep.

This is especially helpful for what’s termed “first night effect.” This “effect” results from restlessness brought on by the first night sleeping in a new environment. It causes “restless brain” activity and frequent awakenings.

Customers like Lara say SoundOff doesn’t just block out the snoring—they tell us the pink noise actually “lulls them to sleep.”

SoundOff sleep earbuds in open case sitting on marble countertop in hotel.
"If hearing your mate snore gets on your nerves, these will both block the sound and relax you." -Men's Health Magazine

Helpful Travel Tips…

Here are some additional tips you can use to prepare for better sleep while traveling with a snorer—or just traveling in general:

  • Ask the right questions when booking accommodations—this is the time to request a “Quiet” location.
  • Avoid pre-trip stress by planning ahead. Make lists. Organize tickets, etc. This eliminates last-minute panics.
  • Start your trip right by getting a good night’s sleep the night before you leave—this will help offset any jet lag.
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing that will allow you to sleep-on-the-go
  • Stay well-hydrated—especially when flying. To avoid dehydration, try drinking approximately eight ounces of water for every hour you’re in the air.
  • Avoid eating heavy meals at times that are irregular to you—this will help you avoid digestive issues.
  • Nix the nightcap—cutting off alcohol a few hours before sleep time will help curb interrupted sleep.
  • Planning to sleep in? Make sure the alarm clock is not pre-set to wake you up before you’re ready.
  • “SoundOff earbuds are a handy travel accessory during long flights or overnight stays in loud hotels.” – The Sleep Foundation.

Following these travel tips will get you off on the right foot to enjoy better sleep while traveling. Then let SoundOff do its magic—you’ll get an amazing night’s sleep—even with that snorer in your room.

A man and woman traveling, walk along a dock, pulling their suitcases as they head toward their vacation huts.
Make sure to pack your SoundOff so you can leave the city AND the SNORING behind...

Beyond Nighttime…

Do engine noise, passenger distractions or chattering seatmates make plane travel a nightmare for you?

SoundOff isn’t just for sleeping!  Take SoundOff in your carry-on and you’ll be well-equipped for a pleasant, quiet, flight—this way, you’ll arrive at your destination relaxed, instead of exhausted.

Remember, a great night’s sleep is “essential” to your travel experience…

Plan ahead so you get the most out of your next vacation or business trip! Try SoundOff earbuds and see for yourself why Trip Savvy calls them “The Best Earbuds for Travel.”

Until next time…