Trip Savvy: Best Earbuds for Travel

Trip Savvy: Best Earbuds for Travel

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SoundOff™ Sleep earbuds were invented out of necessity

Snoring is a big problem.  Lots of people snore and lots of people suffer because the person they love most snores.  SoundOff™ was invented and designed for the Snoree; the person suffering sleepless nights because of a snoring partner.

What’s a good nights’ sleep worth to you?  On one of my previous trips, that good nights’ sleep was worth $2,500 bucks.  I was going on vacation with a terrible snorer.  My dilemma was, do I do the best I can to ignore it; try over the counter ear plugs, or do I shell out the money for an extra room?  I didn’t want to spend the extra money for another hotel room for 9 nights, but I also knew I wouldn’t enjoy my vacation if I didn’t get good sleep.

Well, I ended up getting that extra room.  And, that’s where the journey to invent SoundOff™ began.

Initially, we were going to make earbuds that played white noise which sounds like static.  But once we started on this project we found out about Pink Noise.  Pink Noise is a much smoother sound than white noise.  We also learned research shows pink noise actually relaxes the brain and can help you sleep. Excited to incorporate these benefits, we quickly changed to pink noise. 

After launching SoundOff™ in 2016 we decided to find a sound engineer to work with in creating a modified pink noise to better mask snoring. If some lower tones from brown noise (yes, there is brown noise) were added in, we thought it would mask snoring more effectively because snoring also has lower tones.  We found a PHd in psycho-acoustics and worked with him to design the SoundOff™ Sleep Sound. In his studio he played many variations of snoring all at the same time while shaping our snore-silencing pink noise. 

Though originally invented for snoring partners, SoundOff™ noise masking earbuds will mask almost any noise keeping you awake. If you love to sleep with the window open and can’t, due to freeway traffic or other neighborhood noises, SoundOff™ is your solution.

If you love to travel but find hotels to be too noisy between the ice machine, the elevators pinging… doors slamming shut at 1:00 AM, hallway conversations, outside traffic, etc… take SoundOff™ with you to drown out the plane noise, hotel noise – or the snorer you’re traveling with. Many of our customers tell us they simply will not travel without their SoundOff™ earbuds.

If you’d just love to get through your workday with less distractions so you can get home faster, SoundOff™ will ease your stress and keep you laser-focused. Whether you’re in a noisy open-office environment or working remotely from home with family or outdoor noises, SoundOff™ will help you get through your work… so you can get on with enjoying your life.

SoundOff™…You’ll Love What You Can’t Hear