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The Power of Pink Noise

A young woman wearing SoundOff noise masking earbuds to block out noise distractions, works from home on a laptop.

The Power of Pink Noise

Maintaining focus and productivity in a world of constant distractions has become increasingly challenging. We’re distracted by our tech devices. By the continual hum of human voices embedded in the background of open offices and public environments... We’re preoccupied with the many demands of life that leave us struggling to concentrate on what’s happening in the moment. This post will explore the power of pink noise and how it can transform our ability to focus and get things done…

Pink Noise: The Quiet Revolution

A revolutionary solution has quietly emerged in the field of human productivity. Though it’s not yet widely known, pink noise is proving to be a promising remedy for focus and attention-related problems.

It has become an effective tool for enhancing productivity and its applications for treating ADHD and other focus issues show potential for continued growth.

Do you find yourself unable to focus on tasks due to constant distractions and interruptions?

You are not alone...

Let’s look at some facts and statistics on what is considered a distraction—what it does to our ability to get things done—and how the power of pink noise is transforming productivity….

What is considered a distraction?

A distraction is anything that diverts attention away from a task you’re performing. Distractions come in two categories—Internal and External.


Internal distractions come from inside your mind, and include:

  • Daydreaming about where you’d rather be.
  • Fatigue
  • Illness
  • Personal problems and worries


External distractions come from your environment and other people and include:

  • Background noises of any level
  • Certain types of music,
  • Phone calls. emails, and texts
  • Anything that can visually distract your attention.

While we can learn to deal with the internal distractions, external stimuli can be harder to manage. Here are some statistics on what that costs us as individuals and business owners…

Unnecessary and unproductive meetings are a big productivity problem. In one study, 91% of workers reported they daydreamed during meetings.

Distractions: Costly to businesses but also to our personal satisfaction

  • As many as 79% of workers feel distracted during any given workday.
  • 68% of people don’t believe they have enough uninterrupted focus time during their day—citing they’re overburdened by being constantly “on”.
  • “Work itself” can distract you from your work. Unnecessary or unproductive meetings, inaccessible or hard to find information, micromanagers, loud colleagues, loud printers and copy machines, phones, and outside noise from landscaping, sirens, or construction—are all cited as focus disruptors.
  • Too many things fall behind or are left undone and it’s having a major impact on the bottom lines.

Employees who work in spaces full of distractions have much more trouble concentrating and are far less productive. Whereas workers with lower levels of distraction show higher levels of concentrationand report feeling more productive, engaged, and satisfied with their job.

The soothing power of pink noise…

As we look to pink noise to help reduce distractions and therefore improve focus and productivity, we should also note the added benefit—the soothing power of pink noise.

Because pink noise naturally calms and refocuses the mind, it also serves to reduce stress and anxiety, which are themselves distractions.

Understanding Pink Noise

Pink noise is a type of noise that contains equal energy per octave, making it sound balanced and soothing to the human ear. Unlike white noise, which has equal energy per frequency, pink noise has a more natural and calming quality.

Rustling leaves, soft rain, the distant roar of a rushing river—these are examples of pink noise. It promotes relaxation, improves focus, and enhances cognitive performance, making it an excellent tool for increasing productivity, profitability, and peace of mind.

The Emergence of Pink Noise as a Focus Aid

Using pink noise as a treatment for focus and attention-related problems has gained traction in recent years. Psychologists and researchers began exploring the potential benefits of pink noise for better focus after recognizing the adverse effects of distractions on productivity.

The versatility and accessibility of pink noise make it an attractive option for individuals and businesses seeking to optimize their performance.

Statistics on Loss of Productivity

Inability to focus significantly affects productivity, both on an individual and organizational level. According to a study conducted by the University of California, Irvine, it takes an average of 23 minutes for individuals to fully regain their focus after being distracted.

When you multiply this number by the number of distractions encountered daily, the impact on productivity is made clear. American businesses lose billions of dollars annually (as much as $650 billion per year) due to decreased focus and attention—this highlights the urgent need for effective productivity solutions like pink noise.

Additional stats on disrupted focus recovery:

  • The average worker checks their email 36 times an hour and takes 16 minutes to refocus after handling a new email.
  • Employees average about 62 meetings per month, in which 91 percent of workers say they daydreamed.
  • And finally, it takes most employees two hours per day to recover from interruptions caused by co-workers. 

On average, 60% or less of the time employees spend working is actually productive. As they struggle to repeatedly shift their attention from one point to another, workers spend more time completing their tasks—which translates into more time spent getting less done.

Health factors can also disrupt focus

Not everything rests on your environment—or other people, of course. Your struggles with concentration may lie in the first category of internal disruptions—or in your inability to pay attention.

Being unable to focus can sometimes come from a chronic condition. Dealing with ongoing stress and anxiety is also a common focus problem. Then again, just being hungry can disrupt your ability to concentrate—or a medication may be making you fuzzy-headed.

This Healthline resource offers 14 Tips to improve your concentration. Give them a try and if you’re still having focus issues, it may be time to seek help from your doctor.

The Power of Pink Noise for Treating ADHD and Focus Issues

The application of pink noise in treating ADHD and other focus-related conditions has shown promising results. Research suggests that pink noise can help individuals with ADHD improve their concentration and reduce hyperactivity levels.

A study published in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology discovered that exposure to pink noise improved cognitive performance and attention span in individuals with attention deficits.

Boosting Motivation and Increasing Productivity

Beyond its use as a focus aid, pink noise has also proven effective in boosting motivation and increasing productivity.

A recent TikTok trend brought the spotlight to pink noise as a useful tool for improving productivity. Here are some takeaways…

  • When workers become overwhelmed with multiple tasks, thus creating a loss in productivity, it can throw them into a panic over missed deadlines. Listening to pink noise while working can help them stay focused and ultimately increase productivity levels.
  • The ambient sounds of pink noise are great for initiating creativity—therefore, listening to pink noise is an ideal productivity booster for workers in fields where creativity is a key job component.
  • Employees returning to work after a big lunch often face lethargy and lack of focus. Listening to pink noise can provide a motivational boost to help them power through the rest of their day.

Studies have demonstrated that pink noise can enhance creative thinking, problem-solving abilities, and memory retention. By creating a calm and harmonious auditory environment, individuals can enter a state of flow and achieve peak performance.

Afternoon energy crashes account for a lot of lost productivity. Boost your focus, creativity, and problem-solving skills with pink noise for better productivity and success...

Energy Crash Comebacks

If you’ve read our Chronotype blog series, you know that there’s a “best time to do everything”—based on your chronotype. Each of us has certain times of the day when our energy wanes and we become less productive. Listening to pink noise during our off-peak performance times can give us a creative boost and a few additional hours of higher productivity.

For instance: Lion chronotypes start their days early with a burst of energy and begin to slow down about the time other chronotypes are having lunch. For this reason, Dr. Michael Breus (the Sleep Doctor) recommends their daily schedule from 1:00-5:00 should include Creative Thinking timebut this might not be so easy in a bustling work environment filled with chattering co-workers!

A solution to noisy office distractions? Pink Noise on the go…

It’s easy to take your pink noise with you!  What you need is a pair of pink noise earbuds to block out noisy distractions and calm your nerves whenever—and wherever— your world gets too loud.

Earbuds are a great option for a personal pink noise experience because they deliver the pink noise directly into your ear—not into the air.

With SoundOff earbuds you can fully block out whatever is diverting your attention away from what you’re trying to accomplish. This will help you get your tasks done more quickly, and more efficiently.

SoundOff earbuds come in a handy charging case that holds a 7-day charge. So they’ll easily get you through a week’s worth of noisy co-workers and energy crashes!

SoundOff earbuds block out whatever is diverting your attention from what you're trying to achieve—even if that's just a little peace and quiet!

Once you've tried them, you won't want to be without them.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Several case studies have highlighted the positive impact of pink noise on focus-related issues. For example, a study conducted by the Department of Psychology at the University of North Carolina found that students who listened to pink noise during a test performed better and reported feeling less distracted.

Similar success stories have emerged from workplaces where individuals reported increased focus, reduced stress, and improved overall productivity.

Future Projections and Expansion of Pink Noise Use

As the understanding of pink noise grows, its application in treating focus-related problems is likely to expand. With advancements in technology, experts are focused on the potential of easily integrating pink noise into various devices and environments. Allowing individuals to access the power of pink noise conveniently.

Pink Noise Earbuds for Optimum Focus Anywhere

Which, to the delight of our users, SoundOff has already done. Our noise masking earbuds play a proprietary pink noise that drowns out noise distractions with a soothing sound. While also helping to calm and refocus the brain for better productivity.

And their easy portability means you have immediate access to these benefits—day or night. At home, at work, the gym, the local coffee house… or in a noisy airplane or hotel.

Earbuds are a great option for a personal pink noise experience because they deliver the pink noise directly into your ear—not into the air.

You won't hear the cappuccino machine, the order-taking, or the chatter and clatter of nearby tables.

Projections for pink noise productivity enhancement

In an era marked by constant distractions and diminishing attention spans, pink noise has emerged as a powerful tool to revolutionize productivity and focus. It creates a harmonious auditory environment, enhances cognitive performance, and alleviates distractions to boost concentration.

Experts suggest that pink noise may eventually become a standard tool to combat distractions and enhance productivity, both in personal and professional settings. But why wait? We’ve already harnessed the power of pink noise and you cantry it risk-free for 30 days.

Unlock your full potential with pink noise!