#1 Tinnitus Masking Device

SoundOff Sleep, with our Tinnitus Masking™ technology is the world’s #1 Tinnitus Masking Earbud designed especially for those that have tinnitus or ringing in the ears’.  SoundOff Sleep is a small, comfortable earbud that you wear at night that uses “Pink Noise” to effectively Block the ringing sound in the inner ear.

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Put a Rest to the Ringing in Your Ears

Living with tinnitus can be frustrating. Having a constant, low-level ringing in your ears not only makes it hard to hear, it also makes it difficult to concentrate. When you’re trying to fall asleep, tinnitus could be the factor that prevents you from drifting off peacefully. Without the help of a tinnitus masking device, you might never be able to get a proper night’s sleep!

SoundOff Sleep is your answer to the constant ringing of tinnitus. Fitting snugly in your ears and emitting a calming, soothing pink noise tone, the SnoreMasking™ technology of these earbuds tackles tinnitus effectively. SoundOff Sleep is more comfortable than other tinnitus masking hearing aids and more effective than a bedside white noise machine. It’s the smartest way to turn off the ringing in your ears!

Specially targeting tinnitus

The reason SoundOff Sleep works better than other hearing aids for tinnitus masking is due to its design. Tinnitus is actually the symptom of fault within your hearing system. The ringing originates from the inner cochlear region of the ear—which enables hearing through bone conduction.

Because earplugs only block air conduction, they do nothing to address the problem of bone conduction. This is why most tinnitus sufferers continue to hear ringing with earplugs in. And, it’s why other masking devices for tinnitus aren’t able to effectively cancel out the noise. SoundOff Sleep’s design cancels both air and bone conduction, leaving sleepers with complete peace.

Everyday peace and quiet

Tinnitus is prone to flare-ups. Some days it might be a low-level tone that can be brushed aside as a minor annoyance; other days to prevents you from hearing much else. For the bad days, it’s important to take solace in tinnitus masking sounds. Popping SoundOff Sleep in your ears for a short while could help to quell your tinnitus flare-ups and give you some much-needed peace and quiet.

Relief at a fraction of the price

Check any other tinnitus masker hearing aid price and the ringing in your ears is likely to intensify out of principle! They often retail for several hundreds of dollars, even going up into the thousands for brand-name masking devices. It’s a big price to pay for a little relief.

SoundOff Sleep aims to be the most affordably-priced, effective tinnitus masker hearing aid for sale. Because it’s designed to aid a variety of different sleep conditions, SoundOff Sleep is a first choice for many people who just can’t get to sleep each night—even if they don’t have tinnitus. Because our product is also effective in treating tinnitus, it’s a cost-effective option outside of specialized products.

If you’re constantly tossing and turning, waiting for the ringing in your ears to fade away so you can fall asleep, consider the many benefits of this tinnitus masking device. SoundOff Sleep will put your tinnitus to rest in no time at all!