Customer Reviews

“I was surprised how comfortable the SoundOff was to sleep with. I could hardly tell it was there.”

Tom W.

“I travel frequently and can’t always control the noise in different environments. SoundOff helps me to get a good night’s sleep no matter where I’m at.”

Leslie P.

“Since my wife started using SoundOff, we are sleeping in the same bed again. This is a great snoring remedy.”

Steve R.

“I have used my SoundOff on many nights when my husband snores and it really helped me go to sleep and stay asleep. I love it! Life is better when I sleep.”


I’m a large guy and my petite wife ironically is the snorer, SoundOff keeps us sleeping in the same bed!

Gary M.

I live near a freeway and in the summer I like to sleep with my windows open. The problem is the noisy trucks were keeping me awake! Now I use SoundOff when I sleep with my windows open and sleep all night.

Sue S.

Sometimes I can’t sleep.  I just lay awake.  When I used SoundOff it somehow relaxed my brain or something and I slept great!  I recommend this product to everyone!

Gail T