Noise Cancelling Headphones vs. Noise Masking Earpieces

Noise Cancelling Headphones vs. Noise Masking Earpieces

We at SoundOff are proud creators of a noise masking device for the “snoree.” Our noise masking earpieces use pink noise technology to mask the sound of the snorer next to you, and fill your ears with soothing sounds that relax you straight to sleep. We get a lot of questions about the difference between noise cancelling headphones and noise masking earpieces. There is definitely a reason why we chose to go with noise masking technology, which we will happily explain! But first, we want to clarify the difference between noise cancelling headphones and noise masking.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones reduce unwanted sounds. They use complex electronics to generate a wave form that is an exact negative of the surrounding ambient sounds and then mixes it with the audio signal the listener desires, usually music. Noise cancelling headphones do not eliminate all ambient noise to give the listener “quiet”. They are designed to be worn while listening to music and reduce ambient noise for a better listening experience.

Noise cancelling headphones are generally expensive, require lots of power and their electronics and insulation make them too large to be worn comfortably while sleeping.

Noise Masking

Noise masking technology operates by covering up unwanted sounds. When people are annoyed by the sounds around them they search for “quiet”. The only way to achieve true “quiet” requires complete isolation from all ambient sounds. This is practically impossible in our modern life. A better definition of “quiet” is the absence of distracting sounds, not the absence of all sound. Noise masking is very good at achieving this.

Why We Chose Noise Masking Technology

Our noise masking earpieces here at SoundOff mask annoying noise with a constant and pleasant pink noise that can mask even loud sounds, such as snoring or other annoying noise. And, our earpieces are small and feather light. Our patented design also makes them extremely comfortable. They are wireless, have up to 16 hours of power and 6 volume settings.

You’ll love what you can’t hear – we guarantee it.