What is SnoreMasking?

Answer: It is masking the snoring with another sound. Instead of hearing snoring, you hear a different sound. SoundOffSleep uses “pink noise” to mask snoring.

SoundOff Sleep is designed especially for those that sleep with Snorers’. SoundOff Sleep is a small, comfortable earbud that the Snoree wears at night that uses “Pink Noise” to effectively block the unique sound of snoring.

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SoundOffSleep Noise Masking Earbuds with Snore Masking Technology

Are you losing sleep because your partner snores? Do you find yourself tossing and turning in bed, hoping for a solution to the snoring problem you deal with every single night? Have you reached the end of your rope?

Finally, there’s a solution for the snoring problem you face. Unlike other products on the market that focus on the person doing the snoring, our solution targets the person who has to sleep with the snorer – the “snoree”. Meet SoundOff, a revolutionary product that uses Snore Masking technology to help you, the snoree, get a good night’s sleep.

Around the world, people struggle to get a good night’s sleep when their partner snores. Over the years, many so-called solutions to snoring have been brought to market. Most are designed to minimize or eliminate snoring itself, but few have been developed to help the person having to listen to the annoying sounds of snoring every night. Products that help the people who sleep with a snorer — the people we refer to as “snorees” – use a variety of technologies that claim to block the sounds of snoring. From noise-cancelling headphones to earplugs and noise generators, many such products make great claims but simply don’t deliver on their promises.

SoundOff is different. With our Snore Masking technology, snorees can finally enjoy sleeping next to their snoring partner. Read on to learn why Snore Masking is the solution to snoring problems, and how our technology is superior to other so-called snoring solutions.

In order to talk about SoundOff and Snore Masking technology, it is important to understand the other products on the market that claim to reduce or eliminate the sounds of snoring.

There are three major methods:

  • Blocking the sounds of snoring
  • Cancelling the sounds of snoring
  • Masking the sounds of snoring

Of these three methods, only one of them works. Let’s talk about the other methods and then show why SoundOff is the most effective choice on the market.

Blocking the Sounds of Snoring

– the human hearing system is comprised of several structures that capture sounds in the form of pressure waves, convert those waves into electrical signals, and pass those signals to our brains for processing. We hear through air conduction, or the sound waves that pass through the air around us, and bone conduction, or the sounds that vibrate the bones in our skulls before being sent to the inner ear for processing. Noise-blocking methods typically revolve around earplugs, such as foam or even custom-fitted silicone plugs. Earplugs sometimes work blocking sounds that are not too loud and are passed through the air as pressure waves, but they do NOTHING to stop bone conduction. In fact, earplugs can actually amplify sounds through something called the “Occlusion Effect”. Sounds that enter the ear canal through bone conduction can become trapped, bouncing between the earplug and the inner ear. This can strengthen the sounds, particularly low-frequency sounds like snoring! In short, blocking the sounds of snoring through earplugs simply doesn’t work.

Cancelling the Sounds of Snoring

typically, this method uses noise-cancelling headphones to reduce the effects of snoring. Noise-cancellation technology analyzes background sounds and frequencies, then plays back a sound that matches the background frequency. It depends on steady, stable sounds in order to work, but the sounds of snoring are hardly stable. Snoring may stop or start abruptly. It may change pitch or tone as well as volume constantly throughout the night. So, noise-cancelling technology is simply not enough to eliminate the annoyance of snoring. There are other drawbacks as well: noise-cancellation headphones are bulky and expensive.

Masking the Sounds of Snoring – The Only Method That Works Effectively!

SoundOff uses pink noise to mask snoring and other annoying noises. Pink noise is like white noise, only better. It is smoother and mimmicks sounds in nature like a light rain or breeze. Studies show pink noise actually helps relax the brain and that’s why we use pink noise in SoundOff.

Learn How SoundOff Works

The SoundOff system with our Snore Masking technology is a small, comfortable device that the snoree wears at night. It was designed expressly to help the snoree, too long ignored by the scientific community, which mostly focuses on technologies to get the snorer to stop snoring.

This unobtrusive system generates soothing pink noise to mask the sounds of snoring. It is incredibly effective, allowing you to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed. Gone are the nightly struggles to sleep with a snorer, and gone are the ineffective solutions that promise great things but don’t deliver. The SoundOff system has many benefits, including:

  • Comfort – our comfortable earbuds are light for perfect sleep all night, every night. Even side-sleepers can use our system with all-night comfort.
  • Effectiveness – unlike other products, SoundOff has been proven to be incredibly effective at masking the sounds of snoring.
  • Travel-friendly – our SoundOff system is small and light, making it perfect for people who love to travel. No more bulky headphones!
  • User adjustable settings – six settings and a volume memory function means that you can adjust the SoundOff earbuds to your exact needs.

Health Benefits of Sleep | SoundOff SleepSoundOff with Sound Masking technology is the solution many snorees have been waiting for. With our effective noise masking system and comfortable, rechargeable earbuds, you can finally get the uninterrupted sleep you deserve.

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