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SoundOff Sleep Noise Masking Earbuds

What’s keeping you awake? Whether it’s a snoring partner, noisy neighbors or city noise, SoundOff Sleep Earbuds will mask it with our soothing Pink Noise. The sleep distrupting sound is simply gone!

Studies have shown pink noise actually relaxes the brain and can help you sleep. With SoundOff, you will sleep all night.

Start sleeping all night, every night with SoundOff.

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“I don’t hear the snoring and the pink noise lulls me to sleep”  Lara W

SoundOff Sleep Earbuds Explained…

Peace and Quiet On Demand

Made for all night comfort, any sleeping position.

  • Active & Passive Noise Masking
  • Soothing Pink Noise
  • Soft Flexible Ear Hoop
  • Surprisingly Comfortable
  • 8 Volume Settings
  • No App/Easy to Use/Travel Friendly
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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The Cost Of Poor Sleep

Quality sleep is essential to live our best life.  Yet, sleep deprivation is at epidemic proportions. 1 out of 3 adults do not get adequate sleep and 6 out of 10 college students don’t either. So, what’s the cost of not getting enough sleep?

Moodiness, Depression, Weight Gain, Lack of Energy, Weakened Immunity…just to name a few.

Chronic sleep loss complicates relationships, impedes work performance and generally damages our overall quality of life.

Make sleep a priority!


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Proprietary Pink Noise Technology

We worked with a PhD in psycho-acoustics to shape a custom pink noise specifically to mask snoring. How did he do it? He took out some higher tones, added in some lower tones… the result? Our proprietary pink noise not only effectively masks snoring, it masks just about any noise disrupting your sleep.  “Soothing” “Calming” “Comforting” are just a few things our customers are saying about the SoundOff Sleep Sound.


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I use these even when noise is not an issue and it helps me sleep…”  Holly P

Our Customers Love SoundOff Because it Works!

“Amazing Product”             Slept 10 Hours 1st Night”             “I Love Them”

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Why we chose Noise Masking…

Noise Masking vs Noise Cancelling, what’s the difference?  Noise Masking covers up or masks unwanted sounds with a pleasant sound so you hear the pleasant sound and not the unwanted sound. With SoundOff you hear our proprietary soothing, calming pink noise. Noise Cancelling uses technology to cancel out a sound. The problem is Noise Cancelling does not cancel ALL sound.

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“…the sound masking picks up where noise cancelling leaves off…I have better, longer, deeper sleep with no distraction”  Ian W

Memory Foam Tips

These tips are the passive part of noise masking. The memory foam uses your body heat to form perfectly to your ear and keep sounds out. They play an important role in SoundOff’s effectiveness.

The foam tips help in 3 ways:

  • They keep sounds from coming in around the earbud
  • They help keep SoundOff Earbuds snug in your ear
  • Comfort; these memory foam tips are super soft & comfortable.

Here’s how they work – Simply roll them into a cylinder (while on the earbud), insert them into your ear, press and hold in place 20-30 seconds while they form to your ear, then you are all set!

SoundOff, with the memory foam tips, is Active & Passive Noise Masking at its best!

“Though most customers initially purchase the earbuds for problems that keep them awake at home, they often say they won’t leave home without them”


“Give a tired Mom the gift of a little peace & quiet with these clever SoundOff Sleep headphones”


“SoundOff Earbuds are a handy travel accessory during long flights or overnight stays in loud hotels”


“Best earbuds for travel”


“Best pink noise”


“Pretty awesome at blocking out snoring and other noises”


“If hearing your mate snore gets on your nerves, these will both block the sound and relax you.”


“Most calming earbuds”


Sleep Through Snoring

Silence the snoring and sleep together again; your relationship will thank you.  And, you’ll sleep better than you have in years!

Our customers say they would use SoundOff even if their significant other stopped snoring tomorrow.  That’s how soothing and relaxing our pink noise is.

Try SoundOff risk free for 30 days and get your best sleep ever!

With SoundOff You’ll Love What You Can’t Hear!

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“I couldn’t sleep in the same room with my husband until I got these. They are a marriage saver 100%!  Kristy R

Travel In Tranquility

From bustling train stations to busy flights, silencing the noise has never been easier. Rest comfortably while traveling so you arrive refreshed.

So, you’ve rested while traveling but now you’re in a noisy hotel. The Elevator pings, the ice machine is noisy, you hear outside traffic and there is the 1:00AM crowd loudly making their way down the hall to their rooms.

With SoundOff you won’t hear the noise anymore. You can sleep all night, every night…even when you travel.

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“This product is so awesome. I have enjoyed using them for years, especially for travel…to keep out hotel noise”  Debi G

Work In Quiet Comfort

Working at the office or from home, a noisy work environment disrupts our ability to concentrate and stay focused. Noisy interruptions are both frustrating and affect productivity. But, how do you block the annoying sounds? Traditional earplugs don’t block out all noise.

Our noise-masking earbuds block out all background sounds and replace it with pink noise. Improve concentration and productivity by staying laser-focused on the task at hand. Work more efficiently with no more noisy distractions.

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“It’s also good if you’re working from home and have noise around you. It helps block out noise so you can focus…”  Tracy M

We Live in a Noisy World

Safeguard your sleep from these noises too.

  • Airplanes
  • Dorm Rooms
  • Hotel Rooms
  • City Noise
  • Daytime Nap
  • Parties
  • Noisy Neighbors
  • Freeway Noise

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